When going out, we always make sure that our lips can be applied with gloss stick or balms so that it will not run dry. The law of attraction makes us more comfortable and aims to impress others when they notice something different to our face. This is a common norm in the modern society where men and women want to always look good when they are currently in outdoors.

Most of us need a lip balm because our lips are always exposed to an environment that could cause chappy lips. Dryness is one of the most undesirable effects that can be applied when we are not going to take good care to our lips. This is simply because it can cause allergic reaction when the top layer of the lip hardens. Our lips represents the ability of our physical appearance to have a more desirable outcome to ensure that our oral hygiene is maintained at all times. Applying lip balm can have the chance to eliminate any signs of dryness and chapped lips.
A girl applying lip balm to her lips
What is lip balm?: Lip balm is a waxy substance that is commonly applied to the lips of a person even for animals if the product is intended for animal use only. This product gained popularity in the 20th century where cosmetic lines emerged as an influential chain of companies that are aiming to improve health and wellness of an individual. Before, adults were the only ones who are allowed to put lip balms on their lips due to lack of scientific studies. But today, children can also apply lip balms to their lips after numerous medical and chemical tests and research that was conducted in order to improve the integrity of the lips.

Lip balm can be traced from the ancient times when our ancestors have been using oil substance as a way to make their lips look shiny. This is because oil have a beneficial effect when used at the lips so that it prevents any signs of dryness. Aside from oil, there are plant extracts that are mixed together in order to form a balm that can be also applied on the lips. In the ancient times, applying lip balm is only used during special occasions such as when attending a formal event. Application of lip balm makes a person more attractive when meeting with other individual.

If you are always aware about your physical appearance, it is important to always consider applying lip balm to your lips. This is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that your lips always look attractive in the eyes of strangers, friends, and patrons. Lip balm is not only for girls but also for the boys because the main purpose for applying this product is to improve the integrity of the lips. In the long run, the risk for preventing any sign of undesirable appearance to the lips will be diminished by anyone using lip balms.

lip balm in a small container

5 Benefits of putting lip balms to your lips

1. Moisturizes the skin: Lip balm contains essential waxy substances that are packed with nutrients that help to provide moisture to the lips. When the waxy substance stays on the lips for several hours, the softness and the moisture of the lips penetrates dry spots on the lips' surface, which could help to prevent dry and chapped lips. When the lips can be dry and chapped, these excess or dead cells and tissues can harbor pathogenic microorganisms that would infect your lips with germs.

2. Appears to look pinkish: Our lips are composed of red pigments due to the color of the muscle fibers that can be seen to all ordinary individuals. The color of the lips turns red if you continue to put lip balm on it every day. Our lips need moisture so that any discoloration can be eliminated gradually such as putting lip balm for several months or even years. When our lips become red, it can help to make our face to look more desirable.

3. Protects the lips from infection: As stated from above, lip balm provides another protection that would protect the lips from pathogenic infection. This is because the waxy coat aims to provide as a barrier to shield the lips from an incoming opportunistic infection that is now causing the lips to get irritated. Whenever lip balm is applied, the lips start to become more immune to diseases, which can lessen the susceptibility to health risks in the future when a person is always applying lip balm to their mouth.

4. Prevents inflammation: Lip balm is an effective anti-inflammation substance that helps the lips to protect it from any allergens that cause the lips to inflame. It penetrates lip tissues that prevents prostaglandin and histamine from forming, which can reduce inflammation around the lips. Lip balm is usually indicated for individuals suffering from lip inflammation especially for those whose lips were impacted by a physical trauma that caused their lips to inflame.

5. Protects from extreme temperature: If your lips is exposed to an extreme heat due to fire or any hot temperature, the presence of lip balm helps it to provide protection to prevent the lips from getting hurt. When exposed to cold temperature, the waxy coating of the balm to the lips can be helping to prevent any sign of being frozen that might lead to frostbite. Lips can be one of our best assets because it helps to complete our facial profile from other individuals.

lip balm on a stick

Steps on how to make a lip balm

Needed items:

  1. 1 tbsp Petroleum Jelly
  2. Measuring cup or spoon
  3. Mixing tool such as chopstick
  4. 2 drops Food coloring or any food extract
  5. 1 Vitamin E soft gel (400 mg)
  6. 1 Vitamin C soft gel (500 mg) or tablet
  7. 2 drops of any food flavoring
  8. Any empty lip balm stick or container
  9. Your lips to where the finished product will be applied


1. Collect needed items for preparation.

2. Scoop the petroleum jelly measuring to at least one tablespoon or 5 cc

3. Place it in a small container such as cleaned and emptied eye shadow.

4. Put at least 5 drops of vitamin E and another five drops of vitamin C. If there's no available drops, you can use the tablet, crush it until pulverized, and then mix it.

5. If you want to change the color according to the color of your choice, you can do it by putting at least 2 drops of food coloring.

6. If you want your lip balm to add some flavor, you can put at least 2 drops of any flavor of your choice.

7. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and place it in a dry but cool place away from direct sunlight.

8. You may now ready to apply the finished item to your lips and then try to look yourself in the mirror.

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