We always want to stay fit as well as younger by opting to start a juicing diet. This process is considered unpopular until it was commercialized by numerous health related media outlets today. As people are becoming more health conscious, they are now being informed that juicing fresh fruits and vegetables can transform their unhealthy body into a life changing well-being. Being conscious allow a person to practice healthier lifestyle so that they will not suffer from any health hazards and threats.

Fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients so that our body becomes stronger and creates barriers against infection. These are natural materials that help to boost the immune system, which could improve the production of new cells. Drinking fresh fruits and vegetables replenishes the body by means of allowing a new generation of healthy cells to replace cells and tissues in the body that are damages or experiencing degradation.
A juicer machine with a variety of fresh fruits and cucumbers and an empty glass
A juicer and a variety of fruits that creates a perfect juice
What is juicing?: Juicing is the process of extracting the juice of vegetables and fruits that can be extracted by either hand or by using juicer machines. Juicing is now becoming more popular in the 21st century because there are more scientific experts as well as legally practicing health care professionals that recommend juicing as an important part of an individual's diet. Juicing can be made manually by using hand squeezing or with a manual squeezing device. But in the advent of technology, there are numerous juicing machines available to automatically squeeze fresh fruits and vegetables.

This procedure involves fresh fruit juicing into a container for allowing the person to use it as their prepared liquid diet. If a person will be using juiced fresh fruits, it can replace traditional solid food routine that is being practiced every three times per day. Other than fresh fruits, fresh vegetables are also included because they contain phytonutrients and potent antioxidants that help the body to improve its physiological function when taken in the long term.

Juicing is now a popular health and fitness routine for individuals who wants to control their diet. The reason behind is that juicing provides a process that aims to reduce fatty acids and unwanted chemicals that can harm the body. For this reason, juicing aims to improve your health and diet by aiming to cleanse your digestive system and then allowing your metabolism to normalize. There is a long term health benefits of juicing that is now advocated by individuals who wants to promote health and wellness.

6 Health Benefits of Juicing 

1. Fights diseases: Our body is always at risk for infection such as the invasion of virus and bacteria that is capable of increasing our susceptibility to suffer from any disease. It has been proven that a person suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and bacterial diseases improved their health after months of drinking natural juice. It may seem to be too good to be true, but several health care practitioners such as nutritionists, physicians, nurses, and therapists are highly recommending this particular process to improve health.

2. Improves immune system: Juicing produces natural fibers and essential nutrients that help to improve our body's immune system. these essential chemical elements help each cell and tissues to become highly functional and more efficient in synthesizing proteins. As a result, the body gains more immunologic response against opportunistic infection such as pathogenic microorganisms that are composed of virus, fungi, bacteria, and parasites that are capable of invading the body. Our immune system always needs fresh materials such as fruits and vegetables for it to be nourished. Healthy hormones and efficient synthesis will be always managed by our hormones, cells, and systems when we always juice fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Helps to lose weight: Most individuals are concerned about their weight gain. Juicing is one of the most effective practice in order to decrease fat deposits across the body. Natural juice derived from juicing contains fat burning components that reduce hidden fats that cause the body to increase its weight and size. Natural fruit and vegetable juice contains zero fat that helps to neutralize low and very low-density lipids that are responsible for forming fat deposits across the body. Losing weight is one of the most desirable outcome if we drink fresh juice on a regular basis because it contains fresh fruits, fibers, and essential nutrients to flush salt, sugar, and salt.

4. Improves mental performance: Poor memory activity may be caused by free radicals, abnormal cell deposits, and pathogens that are stored inside the brain. When a person drinks natural juice, it can significantly decrease the level of germs and other toxic substances across the brain up to the spinal column. Continuous drinking of naturally extracted vegetable and fruit juice improves mental performance in the long run. Our mind is always busy especially when we are awake, which is why nourishing our brain by drinking fresh fruits and vegetables enables our mind to function properly and accurately.

5. Cleanses the body: Juice is always known to be an effective body cleanser for the reason that it contains natural enzymes that can fight against infection as well as nourishing cells across the body. The natural components of the juice contain highly potent anti-cancer, anti-bacteria, anti-viral, and anti-toxins that help to improve the physiological functioning of the body in order to fight against infection. Fiber plays an essential role for sweeping hardened particles stored in our small and large intestines. Drinking fresh fruit juice helps to increase the number of fibers that enables our system to be cleansed and sweeping hardened materials for better nutrient absorption.

6. Prolongs life: If you want to live longer, you should always drink fresh fruit and vegetable extract from juicing. It is because you can improve your health that can have your body to be more resistant against infection. Juicing helps to improve your health by eliminating all pathogens that could degrade your chances for survival or prolonging of life. Eating healthy enables our body to regenerate significantly. Drinking fresh fruits helps to maintain our immune system's potency against infection, which enables our body to maintain its youthful glow.

Here are steps on how to process juicing

What you need: 

  • Juicer machine or manual juicer
  • Fruits and vegetables (orange, apple, banana, ginger, spinach, celery, cucumber, carrots, lime)
  • Pitcher for storing juiced fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Glass of water for drinking
  • Container for waste product fruit and vegetables
  • Spoon or fork for mixing, fixing, or scooping

  1. Wash all fruits and vegetables to eliminate contaminated surface of fruits then put them all together in a large container.
  2. Organize and prepare the juicer machine by plugging it in an electric outlet to gain energy source.
  3. Prepare the pitcher or glass of water to catch the fresh juice after it has been extracted by the juicing machine.
  4. Cut all the fruits into half or in quarters. Remove thick skins from oranges to help prevent any accidents not to broke the juicing machine. 
  5. Juice the fruits with an alternating 30 seconds extraction and 30 seconds to let the machine rest. This is to prevent overheating in particular with the base of the metal rotator of the machine. 
  6. collect all extracted fresh fruit juice into the pitcher or glass. 
  7. Put all waste products into a container that can be used as fertilizers for your plants. 
  8. You can drink the fresh fruit juice twice a day (1 glass every morning upon waking up and a glass before sleeping).
  9. Cover remaining unconsumed juice with a cling wrap or in an air-tight cover to prevent the juice from spoilage. 
  10. Remember to consume the juice on or before 2 days after extraction to prevent the freshness of the fruits from becoming spoiled or expired. 

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