Green leafy vegetables have been always preferred by health conscious individuals because it contains less or zero fat or any harmful chemicals that might degrade the body. You can usually find these fresh foods in various markets in your community. However, intense commercialization of unhealthy consumable products online and on television ads creates a wrong impression regarding choosing the right food to eat.

Fresh greenish Chayote tops that is rich in fiber
Eating green leafy vegetables such as this Chayote tops can improve your health

Even during the ancient times, green leafy vegetables has already been considered a staple food by our ancestors. Our past generation believes that vegetable foods provide an essential supply of nutrients to our body, making us feeling stronger and enhances our stamina to work efficiently with our everyday routine.

Vegetable plays an important role by helping our digestive system to properly digest foods to ensure that all nutrients will be absorbed by our body. The fiber content enhances the metabolism of foods to be easily absorbed because there are no hardened materials that can affect our body's ability to maintain its stamina.


Green leafy vegetables are edible plant derivatives from different vegetable varieties. They are freshly harvested from farms or from private backyards that are ready to be served. They can be garnished depending on the cuisine that the person would like to create, which could improve their health when it will be used on a daily basis. Vegetable cultivation has been considered as an ancient practice where humanity started to shift on a vegetarian diet in order to have an alternative source of food rather than hunting wild animals.

Celery is another beneficial green leafy vegetable that can be mixed with various recipes

Benefits of eating green leafy vegetables

1. Introduces fiber: Green leafy vegetables contains fiber, which is a natural plant substance that helps to expel all toxic components that reside in the digestive tract. When a person has a daily vegetable diet routine, their digestive system is always purified, which provides more space for the villi of the intestine by absorbing nutrients into the body. Fiber helps to pull out trapped waste materials into the hard to reach corners of the intestine so that these waste materials will not develop into a cancerous material that further increases health risk for the patient.

2. Nourishes the body: Green leafy vegetables are highly potent sources of vitamins and minerals that help the body to improve its health and well-being. This includes vitamin D, vitamin K, Calcium, proteins, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, Iron, zinc, lysine, magnesium, iodine, and phytochemicals. This helps the body to improve its proactive lifestyle because all cells, tissues, and organs across the body could be nourished regularly. Once that the body is nourished, it will improve circulation, to allow nutrients to improve cell perfusion.

3. Provides additional body defense: Our immune system always play an important role in our body by fighting pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Vegetables have been known to improve the body's immune system. There are natural plant extracts from green leafy vegetable such as immunoglobulin proteins that helps lymphatic system to be more nourished. White blood cells become more potent against all kinds of pathogens such as bacteria, virus, parasites, and fungi, which are responsible for keeping the body to maintain its health and wellness in the long run.

4. Stops bleeding: Eating green leafy vegetables on a frequent basis helps to increase the body's blood consistency. It is because green leafy vegetable contains Vitamin K, which is an effective clotting protein that would aid in the formation of platelets in the body. A person suffering from Thalassemia, which is a condition where their blood has low platelet consistency can significantly benefit from eating green leafy vegetables because their platelet levels can be normalized.

5. Relieves insomnia: If you are always having difficulty sleeping during at night, eating green leafy vegetable might be the solution for your problem. It is because green leafy vegetables contain magnesium that helps to provide smooth muscle dilation all across the body. Another is trypsin, which is a dilating agent that helps to further relax all muscles across the body. These two components helps to relieve insomnia to allow the person to sleep calmly without experiencing difficulty during bedtime.

6. Helps to relieve anemia: If a person is suffering from iron deficiency anemia, eating green leafy vegetables could help to normalize iron in the blood. A person always suffers from loss of consciousness when they are diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. Eating green leafy vegetables would help to lessen fainting episodes or loss of consciousness. However, anemia needs further medical intervention so you should seek consultation with your physician.

7. Improves mental integrity: If you are having difficulty studying your lessons, eating green leafy vegetables will help to increase your memory performance. As previously discussed, trypsin and magnesium are natural chemical elements that help to induce smooth muscle contraction. It means that it can affect the brain where it allows memory function to be more utilized because there is an existing muscle relaxing effect to the person's brain.

8. Relieves depression or anxiety: Depression can change our behavior that could possibly make us socially isolated. Eating green leafy vegetable helps to relieve psychological imbalance by helping our brain's hormones to be normalized. Psychologists and psychiatrists are always recommending green leafy vegetables to be one of the most important diet for patients with anxiety or depression. It is because it helps the mind to be more relaxed and allows personality disorders to be relieved at a gradual basis. Depression can be relieved because the muscles in the brain are always relaxed whenever the person eats green leafy vegetables containing muscle relaxant agents.

9. Helps to lose weight: Being overweight can be attributed with a dirty digestive tract. Our body's metabolism is dependent with the integrity of the digestive system. If there are hardened waste materials that are trapped along the walls of the intestine, nutrients are not absorbed and it attracts fats to be accumulated along the walls of the digestive tract and later be absorbed by the villi of the intestine then through the blood stream. Fibers from green leafy vegetable cleanse the digestive tract, which eliminates fat and then allows the person to lose weight.

10. Detoxifies the body: Green leafy vegetable can act as an absorbent by attracting unwanted foreign bodies and then expelling it through the process of defecation and urination. When it passes through the digestive tract, it successfully magnets different toxic substances that would help the body to prevent suffering from an infection. Another is when the fiber substances are then absorbed to the blood, it will pass through the hepatic system where it cleanses the liver to increase its toxin filtration process, which is also similar to its impact with the kidneys to prevent diseases in the future.

Fresh and green watercress vegetable
Watercress is a known vegetable that contains powerful antioxidants that can fight cancer cells

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