When we think of Halloween, everybody is going crazy about it. Children are always happy when this time of the year comes. We see vibrant costumes being worn by enthusiasts that we encounter along the streets. Let us learn more about Halloween that people loves to celebrate each year. Halloween marks the period wherein people will celebrate trick or treating to other communities. Children from various places will be using their favorite costumes so that they can entertain every homes or stores that they will be visiting for trick or treating.

Halloween festivities are far more popular in Western countries. Each community will have their homes filled with parties and other special events. Each home celebrates halloween by inviting guests and relatives to celebrate one of the happiest occasions in their lives because they will have the chance to celebrate this event with other guests and to the hosts of the pageant. In addition, celebrating Halloween is a way to provide gratitude for those who already passed away from the past years, which will always be remembered by those who are still living in this world and making a difference in their lives.
Orange colored piled plastic set of Halloween pumpkins
 A set of plastic pumpkins to honor Halloween
Wondering what Halloween is? Halloween is an annual celebration that is being observed on the day before November 1st. It is celebrated by Christians as part o their religious observation during this day. This is the time where Christians will dedicate this feast for their loved ones that have already joined our creator. It also includes martyrs, saints, and family members that were already gone in this world. Halloween is derived from the word "hollows", which means saints being observed by our Christian brothers and sisters every year.

During Halloween, you will be appreciating some of the most famous characters. You will often see some of the most famous scary characters such as Dracula, zombie, witch, ghost, white lady, black lady, monsters, aliens, scary animals, big foot, and killers. People will be cosplaying some of these characters for the purpose of entertaining the public.

For some, Halloween is one of the most scariest events or time of the year because they believe that it is the time for the deceased to have the chance to let the living feel their presence. This is where ghost and other mysteries tend to surface around the world. However, to make this folklore prevent any scare tactics to the community, several organizations and societies developed this occasion to be memorable by hosting a party. Since then, Halloween activities are considered a festivity to western countries because celebrators are able to wear their favorite costumes.

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Three Jedi cosplayers in front of a shop
A group of cosplaying Jedi
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Facts about Halloween
  • It is celebrated annually every 31st of October
  • Commemorates for those who passed away
  • It is a Christianized feast
  • Halloween is represented by a pumpkin carved with a scary face
  • All kinds of scary stuff emerge as a form of entertainment to the public
  • Marks the last day of October before November begins in Gregorian calendar
  • Best costumes emerge that can be seen anywhere in public
Colorful painted Halloween signs in boards
Various Halloween board sign
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History of Halloween

During the medieval times, it has been believed that Halloween is attributed from Celtic-speaking countries who have been celebrating this time of the year as part of their paganistic practices. It is observed that our ancestors from this era have been celebrating known to celebrate Halloween every October 31st at the evening. When Celtic-speaking countries were integrated with Christianity, the celebration became more popular because it was considered as a mixture between Christian practice as well as paganistic culture as a regular festivity. Christian began to spread the world to other countries around the world about this particular celebration that made individuals embrace and eventually make Halloween as a special event. 

Reasons why Halloween is fun

1. Trick or Treating: Each year, children loves Halloween because it is a time for them to ask treats. They travel in order to knock random houses so that they can ask for a treat. The term trick is a practice where people will be showing their jokes or funny skill in order to amuse watchers or readers. Treating is an act of great pleasure that is shown by a kind-hearted person towards others. Children usually receive candies, pastries, or even money when they do trick or treating activities. In cities, trick or treating is observed along the streets where children ask for a treat in various shops, which is also seen inside malls. 

A smiling woman in fairy costume welcoming customers at a shop

2. Costume parties: Children loves to wear costumes because they can represent their favorite character from cartoons or superheroes. Adults too love to wear costumes, especially when there will be a party that requires celebrators to wear the best attire. Shop owners have the greatest advantage when they sell costumes during Halloween because there are people who are going to buy it so that they can wear it when attending a party. Cosplay is usually organized in this particular time of the day to allow Halloween enthusiasts to portray their favorite fictitious characters. 

A cute family in Halloween costumes
A happy family in complete Halloween costume

3. Halloween pranks: When Halloween season happens, we observe that there are numerous tricks that are randomly happening across the streets. Pranks usually happen at night where the theme of this activity is more efficient in luring unsuspecting individuals in a scary encounter. If you happen to pass around the corner where you will sense something unusual, you might be the subject of individuals for their pranking tricks. 

4. Horror movies: There are individuals who love to watch horror themed movies. Most cinemas offer special viewing occasions where they will be showing some of the best-viewed horror movies in their theaters. There are also other cinemas that offer special discounts for individuals who will be watching some of the best horror movies. If some do not have time to go to malls or cinemas, there are shows from television networks that offer horror themed movie or sequels in order to commemorate Halloween. 

5. Decorations: Households who are avid Halloween enthusiasts start to put their decorations that are Halloween themed. In order to create a perfect Halloween decoration, home-owners will be creating a scary-themed decorations so that it can generate attention to the public. The most well-known item during this time of the year is the ripe orange pumpkin that is carved with different types of scary faces. Your favorite cartoon or fictitious characters are also displayed by homes who loves to celebrate Halloween. 

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