Every time we see something in our face that appears to be a blemish, we start to hide from being exposed to the public. This is because we are always shy on what people think of us when they see an obvious blemish to our skin, especially in our face. These blemishes can cause humiliation and public attention, which could lose your self-confidence when going out in public. As a person, having a pimple is the least that we always expect that can happen to our face. It is painful, it is itchy, and it can cause noticeable bulk that we can feel as it grows anywhere in our face.

Pimple is always responsible for affecting our self-esteem in public becuase it releases unpleasant appearance in our skin whenever there is an outbreak. Even a single outbreak is visible enough to cause our emotional confidence to boost down. As a consequence, we tend not to go out so that people will not see our faces that are now blanketed by pimples. Even the marks are so visible that it can still cause an emotional impact to our body. We usually use everything in order to these pimples to go away, which can help regain our confidence and self-esteem back.
A blemish-free face is a result when you know how to prevent pimple outbreaks 
When a pimple or acne is so visible that can destroy our day. It distorts our face because there are maculopapular rashes that change the appearance of our face. When pimples or acne dries up, it leaves visible dark marks or spots that are much more destructive to our face or even to other parts of the body such as neck, chest, back, or even in our arms. This causes an embarrassment on our part because we are always scared of being singled out by our friends or strangers due to the appearance of pimple marks in our face.

What is a pimple

In human anatomy, a pimple is a comedo kind of skin blemish that is characterized by having an excess oil in the skin's oil glands. It is a maculopapular rash that can be seen in the person's face, neck, and chest. Some pimple can appear in the pubic area for adults, making it more embarrassing whenever such breakouts appear. When we see individuals who are suffering from pimple outbreaks in their faces, they seem to appear sad and uncomfortable. They usually cover their face that is another risk because they can cross contaminate the part of their face without outbreaks. 

Pimple outbreaks can be severe enough to form on the back of the patient as well as with their chest. Upper portions of the arm can also suffer from these outbreaks. When a maculopapular rash occur, it will stay visible in the skin between 2 to 5 days. But the worst case scenario is the scarring of the pimple marks that can change the physical appearance of the person. Severe pimple outbreaks can cause the facial appearance of the person to be bombarded with scars that can further cause chronic loss of confidence and depression.

Cause of a pimple

Pimple outbreak is caused by a bacteria that is known as propionibacterium, which is responsible for infecting your sebaceous glands. When bacteria accumulate, they irritate the tissues surrounding the oil glands, causing allergic inflammation. The inflammatory response will signal histamine and prostaglandin formation that attracts white blood cells to produce fluid, which is also causing pus to form the oil gland. The infected pores will be clogged with pus, causing a maculopapular rash on your face. 

Hereditary is also associated with blemish breakouts on the skin. This is because there is a genetic connection wherein when the parent suffered from severe pimples in their lifetime, their gene can be passed to their offspring that can also experience the same burden. Lack of sleep, exposure to pollution, and stress is also associated with the outbreak of maculopapular rash that can erupt anywhere on the face, neck or at your back. 

A pimple outbreak in the forehead
How to prevent pimples?

1. Maintain proper hygiene: It is observed that individuals who are suffering from a pimple may not observe themselves that they are not practicing proper hygiene. It is just a simple practice that may do not seem to maintain it. Maintaining proper hygiene can be simply accomplished by regularly washing their hands. Our hands are one of the major handlers of numerous bacteria and virus that can unknowingly contaminate our face, which could lead to pimple outbreak. Taking a bath regularly is also recommended so that our body will lose all kinds of dirt responsible for causing pimple outbreaks. 

2. Wash your face with soap before and after bedtime: It is essential to wash our face before sleeping because it allows our pores to feel more comfortable while we are asleep. having clean pores when we sleep will prevent any risk of being clogged because the dirt particles were already washed away after washing our face with soap. While sleeping, our body starts to slow down its metabolism, allowing the nervous system to maximize its function by signaling protein synthesis to repair damaged cells. This means that while we sleep, oil glands does not secrete as many oil substances than we are awake.

3. Avoid going to polluted areas: When we expose our skin to an environment that is heavily polluted, the risk of suffering from outbreaks is very high. This is the reason why we should not overexpose ourselves to areas where the air quality is poor. All kinds of dirt that are capable of causing our skin to become irritated can cause bigger and more severe pimple outbreaks that can degrade our confidence level when we go out. Stay indoors where most air quality is good that will not cause pimple outbreaks in your face. 

4. Use anti-pimple creams or ointments: If you already feel that some parts of your face are starting to have pimple outbreaks, you need to stop it as early as possible by purchasing over the counter medications. These are approved medications available over the counter that can help alleviate pimple outbreaks that are already visible in their face. It can lessen the time of the outbreak until it is healed. Prevention is better than cure but when an outbreak is already causing a problem in your face, the best thing is to lessen the span of the outbreak. 

5. Food supplements: Taking vitamin C aims to boost your immune system, thereby allowing white blood cells to engulf pathogenic microorganism. Vitamin E food supplements can lessen pimple outbreaks because it helps the oil glands to replace old and dirty oil substances with new sebum that will prevent pimple outbreaks in your face. Glutathione supplements are also known to help prevent pimple outbreaks because it detoxifies the liver, which can cleanse your bloodstream. Glutathione supplements help to brighten dark spots caused by pimples in your face. 

6. Sleep at least 8 hours every day: Pimple outbreaks are triggered by a lack of sleep. This is because when we experience sleep deprivation, most of our body experiences stress, causing cells to be fragile. Pathogens can easily penetrate our skin because they know that when cells are experiencing stress, which causes white blood cells being unable to screen the body to engulf dirt. Sleeping at least 8 hours or more every day allow cells to regenerate wherein protein synthesis efficiently repair stressed or damaged cells. 

7. Drink plenty of water: Drinking at least 10 glasses of water each day will make our oil glands to secrete clean sebum. This will replace dirty sebum that is responsible for causing pimple outbreaks. Drinking more fluids hydrates our skin, keeping it soft and supple. It also prevents risks of getting dry or dehydrated, causing the skin to be at risk for new outbreaks in the future. 

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