Every year, we always pay respect to our loved ones who already joined our creator. This is the reason why people from around the world travel back to their homelands in order to visit the graves of their loved ones. This is the same for people in the cities to travel back to their hometown so that they will be joining with their families and friends while paying respect with their deceased elders. The question is, did you pay respect to your deceased loved one yet?

It is important for our loved ones to be remembered for once in a while. This is because even if they are no longer around in our living world, they are still hopeful that they should still be remembered by those who they left behind. Remembering our deceased ancestors and relatives is one of the greatest gifts that a person should apply it with their loved ones. The reason behind is that it is one of the most manageable ways to pay respect for those who made a significant part in your life that you should always carry it for the rest of your life.
Freshly painted cross with white color in a grave
People started painting graves with white to commemorate the saint and the deceased

What is All Saints Day? All Saint's Day is an annual celebration by various protestant religions all over the world. This is the day where Christians are honouring their loved ones who already died from various natural causes. Aside from paying respect for deceased individuals, Christians will be also honouring various saints that are both known and unknown. This a period that starts the evening of October 31 and then ends at November 1 of each year.

This is the reason why people go to cemeteries to visit their buried relatives and family members. Their graves are commemorated by lighting a candle or set of candles that is accompanied with a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes, people offer foods and then leave it until it will rot. After going to graves, visitors will be proceeding to their church as a way to pray for the souls of their loved ones so that they can attain peace at the afterlife.

For some, offering foods, drinks, and fresh fruits are observed at home or at the graves of their loved ones. This will allow spirits of their loved ones to be blessed.


How did All Saint's Day started? During the Byzantine Empire, Emperor Leo VI was responsible for popularising this feast during his reign. He built a church in order to commemorate his wife's death; however, Emperor Leo was prohibited of honoring the structure for his wife. He then decided to honor "All Saints". He believes that his wife is righteous enough to be honored as one of the saints. Emperor based the feast on November 1 as the official day to commemorate All Saint's Day that will also honor his deceased wife.

Food offering for the deceased and the saint
A food offering for the souls of the deceased individuals and saints
In the west, Christians started to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ that falls on every first of November each year. It aims to solemnize the death of a martyr, referring to Jesus Christ while spreading the word of God in the 4th century CE (Current Era/ After the death of Christ). During the medieval times, most Christianized nations and empires want to pay respect to their deceased families every November 1st of each year. The church decided to combine the celebration from other societies into a single day of commemorating their deceased loved ones so that there will be a uniform celebration every November 1st of each year to allow graves to be annually visited.

An old man visiting the grave of his relatives
A man from afar visiting the grave of his deceased loved one

Interesting Facts 

1. All Saint's Day is a holiday: Most Christianized countries declared that All Saint's Day as one of their national holidays that can be celebrated every year. There will be no classes as students will have time to visit the graves of their family members or relatives who passed away. This is similar with workers to have a non-working day so that they can travel to their hometowns and visit the graves of their families. It will be a day to provide time to relax and to temporarily get away from a stressful environment at work or in the classroom.

2. Discounts at retail outlets: Most shop owners understands that people will be flocking to stores in order to buy something for honoring their loved ones. So they decided to offer discount items to all of their stocks in order to help consumers to lessen any financial burden. Shopping malls and all markets are offering big discounts in some of the selected items so that it will help consumers to buy some important products that will be offered for their deceased loved ones. Aside from discounts, there are freebies that will be given to selected items that will be bought by consumers.

3. Family gathering: This particular day allows families to organize a get-together occasions. This is because family members who work or study far away will return back to their hometown in order to pay respect for their deceased loved ones. It will be a perfect opportunity to be together after many months or even years of being away from each other. Visiting members will have the time to catch up by means of providing extra time for their families back home.

4. Strengthening faith: In the Christian world, commemorating All Saint's day will be symbolizing catholic faith. This is brought about by the practice of going to church on either before or after visiting the graves of family members. Praying for the soul for the dead as well as to hope for any optimistic wish is practiced, which will represent an individual's way of using their faith to God. The spirits of the deceased individuals will be surely happy if their souls will be prayed over by an important person to their lives.

5. Holiday travel: For families that work thousands of kilometers away from their home, this will be a perfect opportunity to travel back home. Working from other places will be delighted that there are changes that can be observed in their hometowns. This includes new structures that will change the landscape of the place where they used to stay. Some structures offer recreational services that will be a perfect moment to spend time being pampered with entertaining facilities.

6. Colorful graves: 

Fresh painted grave with white color
A newly painted cemented grave in a cemetery
During All Saint's Day, cemeteries always become full of life. Each grave is being cleaned and painted by the relatives of the deceased person. There are graves that are also decorated by the family member of the deceased individual. Each grave is painted in white color, but there are other individuals who opt to use other bright colors so that their graves will look unique

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