On November 13, 2015, Paris was under attack by a group of ISIS terrorists, leaving at least 130 dead and hundreds who are wounded. French President Holland declared a nationwide state of emergency to secure the country from future terrorist attacks. Manhunt operations are now being ordered to hunt down perpetrators responsible for committing the crime against humanity. France is always on high alert due to the influx of all migrants coming from the Middle East and Africa who pursuits a greener pasture away from their chaotic community. Little that they know that other radicalists are also posing as immigrants who wants to terrorize France.

France is considered as the heart of Europe because it is surrounded by key countries and cities in the continent. Terrorist became interested in France because it is an active western country that is trying hard to neutralize terrorist in the Middle East. It has been learned that terrorists are targeting France to take a revenge against France's initiative to fight all terrorists. France is in the hot seat for all radical Islamists for the reason that the area is the economic hub of Europe, allowing all businesses to gather and operate across France.
The famous three color symbol of France, resembling its official flag

About France: France is a country in western Europe and governs territories in other parts of the world. France is was a maritime superpower along with Great Britain during the colonial era from the15th century until the 20th century. The country is populated by 67 million people. The current capital and the center of commerce of the country is Paris, which is considered as one of the most beautiful city in the world. Today, France is now gaining worldwide attention by several media networks to publish latest issues about the terrorism that impacted the society.

The country holds the spot as the seventh largest economy in the world. It is currently listed as one of the members of Group of 7 leading high-income countries. This is the reason why people from the developing and underdeveloped countries prefer to work and live in France to seek for a better life. Recent migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, and from the African continent prefers France because they believe that living and working in the country can improve their socio-economic lifestyle.

The threat of terrorism: ISIS has claimed responsibility of the attacks in Paris as well as the recent Flight 7K9268 that crashed in Egypt. This terrorist group is now considered as the leading terrorist network in the world, dethroning Al Qaeda jihadist terrorist group. Each day, the group publishes photos, scripts, and videos about their jihadist propaganda that aims to terrorize the western world and countries that are supporters to the western societies. The group is responsible for conducting mass killings, bombings, and invasion of territories in order to establish a pan-continental territory.

Other terrorist networks around the world have also pledged their alliance to ISIS, further expanding the threat of terror around the world. Smaller terrorist organizations have been sending their members to Syria and Iraq to be trained by ISIS officials and then goes back to their countries in order to apply what they have learned. Since terrorist groups are being restricted and banned in most countries around the world, they turn their recruitment process by using social media. The radicalization of naturally born citizens is the most effective tactic of the group so that they can conduct a smart terrorist attack to their targetted countries.

France peace sign

Reasons why France is heavily publicized by media

1. France is a western country: As a western country, France always has the luxury of being preferred by the media networks to set up news coverage. Like other western countries, France can easily attract attention to international media networks when it experiences threats, hazards, and good news to the public. France is a high-income economy with high-performing facilities that can be observed in government offices, health institutions, private companies, and communication networks.

2. Safe environment: France is a high-income economy, which is capable of supplying its own security agencies with the latest security gadgets to protect against the negative elements of the society. Media networks prefer to set their news coverage in a safe environment where they will never let themselves caught in any safety threats. The country has a well-established intelligence agency that can easily apprehend any suspicious individuals who can pose a threat to the country. Media companies just send a few journalists to cover news to non-western countries to prevent any security threats that may harm their workers.

3. Sophisticated networks: France installed sophisticated communication networks that allow the public to be easily informed regarding the latest trends and current events. They have fast internet access that allow all individuals, groups, and organizations from the country to establish a connection with other individuals. This is the reason why the country  easily attracts several media companies, which can make any issues to go viral such as the latest terrorist attack in Paris. Networking in the western societies is highly organized that allows every incident to be reported and then relayed to news media.

4. Largest terrorist terror plot incident: If you regard the total number of affected individuals and societies affected by the attack, Paris 2015 terror attack is considered to be the largest terrorist attack in 2015. This combines with the total number of 130 dead, hundreds, injured, and several properties that were damaged by the incident. It caught international attention that drive media networks to send dozens of journalists to provide a live coverage in the area. France revealed that there are other sets of groups that are also plotting similar terrorist attacks in the country that poses a wide-range security intimidation.

5. France revealed future terror attacks: The incident that took place in Paris is just one of the targetted places that have been involved in terrorist attacks. This terrorist attack is not just a simple terrorism-related case that prompted media networks to seriously cover any updates that could easily inform the public and protect their safety. The terrorist group responsible for provoking the attack has future plans to bombard terrorist attacks to other places in Europe and other western societies.

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