Ever wondering why your holiday is not yet over after November 1? This is because there is another holiday that will be celebrated right after the All Saint's Day. Most schools and offices declare that November 2 is a non-working holiday as well as no classes. So you don't have any problem extending your vacation during this time of the year. Our body is always regarded as the temple of any soul. Whenever our body reaches its final verdict by means of being terminated with illness or accidents, our spirit will then travel back to the purgatory.

For many, the souls of the deceased comes to life because this is the day where our ancestors believe that spirits roam the streets. This is especially for those deceased individuals who are not yet in peace and are seeking for a possible solution to let their spirits reach the purgatory. However, spirits who were still awaiting for legal justice are still in this world to pursue for those who are responsible for making them depart in the living world. This is the reason why souls should be always prayed and be given respect as a way to promote a breakthrough with their current situation to reach the purgatory in the near future.
Lighted Candle at night with two plastic pots at the porch
Offering candle during All Soul's Day commemorates your loved ones who already died
What is All Soul's Day? Every November, Christians still celebrate on the day after November 1. This is the day where Christians commemorates their loved ones who already departed from our world. The Catholic church officially declared All Soul's Day every November 2 of each year. This is considered as the last liturgical period in Roman Catholicism as well as Protestantism wherein it aims to remember for those who have already died in the world and went to the after-life. Other Christian sects consider All Soul's Day to be an optional holiday celebration.

This annual feast is also known as the Defunct's Day. Basing from the views of Christians, All Soul's Day is a day where it is the time to serve to pay tribute for the ones who have already perished. This is connected with the Christian doctrine that is about the Communion of Saints and the resurrection of the body. Prayers were often offered to the departed by the ones who were left behind after visiting their tombs or graves.

This means that we should never underestimate the souls of the deceased. This is because there are some deceased individuals whose souls are still roaming in our community. People who have third eyesight are able to see roaming spirits who are seeking for justice. But folklore believes that spirits who committed a grave misconduct during their living life will stay in the living world until their soul will be cleansed by the living. This is for as long as the world from down under is not yet ready to capture souls who were stubborn from their past lives.

A grey colored tomb with a slant white cross
Visiting the graves of your loved ones is an annual culture every November 2

During the fourth century, Byzantine Empire began practicing this type of holiday by having a feast with their family to remember their deceased family member. This is to show commemoration with the deceased family member's past memories with the living. After the first millennium, honoring the dead is has been more established by practicing every first of October as based from the Gregorian calendar. The date was then shifted to October 16 every year in the 11th century.

The Catholic Church eventually announced that the official date to commemorate the dead was then moved permanently on every November 2nd each year. This was announced in the 16th century in Vatican City. Since then, the announcement spread to other parts of Europe during the Rennaissance period, marking the day to be known as an official event to pay respect for those who already passed away.

Facts why All Soul's Day is unique

1. It is different from All Saint's Day: It is clear that a soul is different from a saint, not only with its context but also with the characters that are used. All Soul's Day is a day that is focused entirely on the souls of the deceased individuals who already departed our world. The Catholic wants to segregate the commemoration of souls from the commemoration of saints, which will give time for families to concentrate on remembering lost memories of their loved ones who died. Souls of the dead need to be remembered so that they will be paid tribute by the living during this time of the year.

2. The celebration falls on November 2:

A Calendar showing that November 2 is All Soul's Day
Calendar says the difference
It is observed that there is a liturgical year in the Gregorian calendar where Christians celebrates three feasts. There is no other holiday that is celebrated on November 2 of each year, except for some countries with national holidays that falls on November 2. All Soul's day falls on the 2nd of November, which gives another unique feast that is annually observed. This is the third of the three feasts being celebrated after Halloween and All Saint's Day. It is considered as the last phase of the liturgical season where Christians will be honoring their dead at the cemeteries as well as in churches.

3. Praying for the soul of their loved ones: Prayers are powerful because it can help to cleanse the soul of the dead in the afterlife. This is to help the souls suffering from the purgatory to finally proceed to heaven. During this time of the year, people will start to offer prayers for their deceased family members. This is to make an upbringing on the souls to have an easier access to heaven where it will stay for good. Praying for the deceased loved ones initiates a peaceful rest so that they will take a smooth journey towards the eternal life in heaven. Souls who have committed a grave mistake from the past will have the chance to be forgiven through prayers from their living family members.

4. Pilgrimage: Some Christians practice pilgrimage every November 2 of each year. This is to show their love and devotion to their loved ones who already died. Even if the person is no longer lives, their loved ones who were left in the living world will still show their compassion by considering pilgrimage practice as a way to honor the memories of their loved ones. During this time of the year, the former possessions of the deceased individuals are brought to the pilgrimage site so that the memories will be undergoing reminiscence.

5. Feasts: Some Christian will take the opportunity to celebrate All Soul's Day by serving delicacies as a way to honor their deceased loved ones. It generates feasts because there will be a party being organized by a certain family that will allow gatherings and socializations with other individuals while they honor the dead. The main attraction of the party is the unique recipes being cooked or baked by the homeowners so that they will be paying tribute for the dead. Feasts can be either celebrated at home or in public place where there is a food that is prepared and then served to the public, especially for those who are celebrating All Soul's Day

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