Christmas season is the time of joy and the time where families will me seeing each other in order to spend their leisure time with each other. This is similar with friends who can't go home and opt to be with their peers in order to celebrate annual yuletide season. For workers who can't get their day off during Christmas season, they spend their time with other workmates even if they are not allowed to be with their family.

Whenever Christmas season starts, it will be one of the most happiest seasons that every family must have to undertake. Christmas season is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world because it is the time where the celebrants will be able to share their blessing to others. You often find yourself receiving gifts from your loved ones, proving that they love you from the bottom of their heart. Love is very precious that families always make time to ensure that Christmas will be the most memorable season for every person and families.
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Even if you are already enraged with loneliness, Christmas season is always the perfect time for you to become positively driven. During this period, numerous optimistic ideas and practice that can help your spirit to be enlightened with the joy as well as the practice of improving your life by celebrating this particular season. No wonder most people are always delighted when Christmas comes because they are going to be with their family at all times.

Christmas is an annual event being celebrated by almost all communities around the world. People from around the world observe Christmas season by every town and cities that you pass through or visit. When "Ber" months starts, you will notice songs, movies, and commercials that are now starting to publish numerous Christmas-themed presentation. This will now remind you that you are now approaching the most awaited season at this particular time of the year.

If you live in a Christian country, Christmass is well-celebrated because it is a part of their culture wherein they want to maximize this holiday season. Even during September months, Christmas already starts to be celebrated, allowing each resident or visitor in that place to start decorating their homes. This is because holiday season is the period where they exchange gifts and offer something that is important with their lives such as spending quality time with their friends. Foreigners are also interested going to countries to spend Christmas holidays to enjoy the essence of having a leisure time with their families.

This is how people celebrate Christmas by setting up fireworks display

10 Interesting facts why people celebrates Christmas

1. Celebrated every December 25: Christmas is always being celebrated in this particular day of the year. It is an annual event where patrons of Christian faith will held festivities that can be observed in their communities. All Gregorian calendar clearly indicates that December 25 is their favorite day of the year, which enables their interest to become more fruitful and jolly.

2. It is conjoined with New Year holiday season: After this particular day, Christmas season is officially over, and people will be expecting New Year season to be the next holiday to prepare. Christmas is not the only chance for workers, students, and tourists who want to spend their leisure time to other places because they can expect that there is another most awaited holiday that creates another excitement with their festivities.

3. Birth of Jesus Christ: According to the teachings of Christianity, Jesus Christ, which is the son of God, is born on Christmas Day. Every December 25th of each year, Christian followers are happy that the son of God that was  born to spread the word of God. Followers from other religion are also delighted that they are being welcomed to celebrate Christmas even if they are not Christians, which is more interesting to other communities.

4. Extravagant decorations: Every time that you go outdoors during "Ber" season, there are numerous decorations that you observe. Each structure is decorated with eye-catching ornaments, recycled materials, and colorful materials to celebrate the yuletide season. At night, colorful lights are being displayed to every corner of your community, making one of the most colorful seasons each time of the year.

5. Sale items: Business owners will be one of their luckiest seasons because it is the season for them to gain more profits. This time of the year, people are observed to be more compulsive at buying anything that they can to offer gifts and to pamper themselves, creating a profitable opportunity for retailers. This means that they offer discounts and free items to each products being sold that further attract more consumers to patronize their products.

6. Salary Bonus: Workers are very happy whenever Christmas approaches. This is because most companies offer 13th month pay aside from the total 12 months of basic pay that they receive annually, which is tax-free. Christmas salary bonus is another most awaited benefits that workers receive. This is to spend more quality time with their family, friends, and loved ones by having no reason to buy gifts and organize parties at their homes or communities.

7. Making peace with enemies: We always admit that it is exhausting to keep your pride against other people. This is the time where you are going to make peace with your former enemies or friends that you made grudges from the past. Having a peaceful mind and heart before the year ends will take away your sorrow and painful past that will eventually restore your optimistic environment as well as to improve your personal sentiments with your friends.

8. Party!!: For some, this time of the year is always being known to commemorate the holiday by organizing a party. This means that whenever there is a holiday, there is a gathering around the corners of the community. You will have the chance to meet strangers that can eventually become your friends and regular buddies. Visiting friend's house, social gatherings, and events create a wonderful experience during Christmas season.

9. Vacation: One interesting fact about Christmas is to have the time for you to spend your time by hanging out away from work. You don't need to worry about the distressing deadlines at work because most companies and institutions allow workers to have a long holiday off. This includes Christmas and New Year breaks that take for at least more than a week to have a temporary break from a stressful environment.

10. Receive gifts: Christmas season will never be complete without gift giving because during this time of the year, most people gather parties that require all participants to provide gifts to other individuals. The most exciting part is that you might be unsuspecting that you will be given a surprise from your loved one by suddenly receiving gifts, which makes you feel happier and more fulfilled.

These are some of the most interesting facts during Christmas. What's yours?

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