There are numerous circulating articles about the suicide issue that has been committed by Miss Colombia. Several online articles are stating that Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez allegedly committed suicide after the coronation night of the Miss Universe beauty pageant that took place in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 20th of December of 2015. Netizens started to react to the circulating news that are now being posted through social media websites.

Ariadna Gutierrez may seem to be experiencing a very unpleasant scenario, knowing that she has been wrongly awarded and announced by Steve Harvey. It is not clear if she will build a grudge against the host that will continue to be with Miss Universe Organization for the next five years. Will Ariadna still angry with Steve Harvey? This is as well the question for Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach who was awarded as the rightful winner of the 64th edition of the pageant that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pia Wurtzbach is the reigning Miss Universe that will crown her successor in the Philippines on January 30, 2017.
Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez at the center with Miss USA, Olivia Jordan on the left and Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach on the right, which is Miss Universe 2015, credits to Miss Universe FB

Hoax articles claim that Miss Colombia has been found unresponsive to her dressing room just hours after the coronation night. She was found by her roommate who was shocked to see her lying in the dressing room of their assigned room in Planet Hollywood. But further explanation were no longer detailed as several hoax articles are just highlighting about the alleged suicide issue committed by Ariadna Gutierrez after the pageant night.

Controversy: During the coronation night of the 64th edition of Miss Universe, Steve Harvey made a horrible mistake for announcing Miss Colombia as the winner of the pageant and Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach as the first runner-up. After four minutes since the announcement of the winner, Steve Harvey returned on stage, forced by the organizers to correct his mistake for reading and announcing the wrong contestant as the winner. He then immediately apologized to the public and settled the issue by announcing that the correct winner is Miss Philippines and the first runner-up is Miss Colombia. The host of the pageant created a massive social media response, criticizing about his poor performance during the pageant.

She was allegedly found lying on the floor while holding a bottle of pills. The circulating article claims that Ariadna was unresponsive because she overdosed herself, which is common to other celebrities who successfully committed suicide.

Every controversial issue that is popping out in the media such as the Miss Universe pageant is a breeding ground for controversies, this is an opportunity for some to create controversial issues that denotes emotional outbursts across the social media. Reporters, writers, and celebrities often take the opportunity to use their social media accounts to establish a topic that will create an emotional outburst to the media.

Gaps and Grudges by other contestants

Miss Universe 2015 fever created a worldwide fame because of the wrong announcement of the rightful candidate to win the title. Fans between the Philippines and Colombia created a rage against each other due to the horrible mistake made by the host.

Miss Germany, Sarah Lorraine Riek made a statement that Miss Colombia should have won and the real winner, and claimed from an interviet that "None of us voted for Miss Philippines, I am so upset. I'm really sorry to say this". She even lied to Philippine delegates that Miss Philippines already boarded a flight to New York and was seen by her. Miss India, Urvashi Rautela also claimed that the "pageant was rigged and biased" and clearly supported Miss Colombia.

On the other hand, Miss Australia, Monika Radulovic mentioned from a televised Australian news network that she already knew that the winner is Miss Philippines since the teleprompter informed that Miss Philippines should take her first walk as Miss Universe. When in times of doubt, you always need Miss Bulgaria, Ragostina Todorova who made an unexpected fame in social media by delightfully cheering Miss Philippines to walk in front of the stage as Miss Universe and always joyful for her triumphant win.

The worst fear

Every pageant, contestants are always fearing the most excruciating fear when a host will announce the wrong winner. It so happened that Miss Colombia was the victim of this particular mistake. When she was ordered by some staff to pass the crown to Miss Philippines, she became emotional due to the human error made by the host.

The incident made by the host created groups between the Miss Universe contestants. Miss Philippines are supported by most Asian countries. Miss Colombia was then supported by her Latina supporters and started comforting her.

For the future host of the pageant and other competitive events, the host should rehearse before the final pageant to prevent similar incidents that could generate an outrage to the participants of the event as well as for the audiences.

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