We often see smokers when we ran to a cafe, pub, restaurant, or any recreational facilities while spending their leisure time. They either use traditional cigarettes or electronic cigarettes while puffing the smoke into the atmosphere. No matter how health agencies provides health warnings to the public, smokers are already suffering from psychological attachment by means of smoking either traditional or electronic cigarettes.

As we all know, cigarette is made up of a diced tobacco leaves that is packed in a hollow paper tube and then prepared on a stick. Cigarette comes with different flavors, which provides a choice for substance dependents. However, all cigarettes are all considered a high health risk for the reason that it is one of the most blamed substance for causing various diseases. Some of these diseases could shorted the lifespan of every person who are addicted to these substances. People only quit being dependent on cigarettes when they experience signs of symptoms of diseases that are potentially life threatening and debilitating.
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Almost all cigarettes post warning signs towards smokers. Each pack indicates that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. In this way, smokers are already informed about the negative effects of cigarette smoking to your health. However, there are few electronic cigarette manufacturers wherein they indicate warning signs or health awareness to their products. This is the reason why health care agencies and advocates are concerned about the proliferation of electronic cigarettes with no warning labels in their products.

What is smoking?: Smoking is a routine where a person inhales the smoke by burning a tobacco that contains nicotine and other various gaseous substances. This is done by allowing the prepared tobacco stick inhaled through the mouth and then puffing the smoke through expiration.Cigarette smoking can be a daily routine or even an hourly, depending on the dependency of an individual to this inhalants.

In the 21st century, smoking habits made it to the next level. Electronic cigarettes are now developed by health engineers in order to replace traditional smoking habits. There were flavors that were prepared that can further increase dependency to smoke. Electronic cigarettes can produce fumes that are not as strong as the smoke being puffed by smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Companies are also planning to stop the production of tobacco cigarettes to help several health agencies around the world to prevent the spread of smoking induced diseases around the world.

History of smoking

Smoking habits can date back for as early as 4,000 BCE (Before the Current Era/ Before Jesus was born). Rulers such as emperors, kings, and queens were the first ones to smoke cigarettes that are prepared by wrapping it on a rolled thin leaf, paper, or in a pipe where they are going to place the crushed dried leaves of tobacco in order to puff smoke.

Through the years, smoking was then adopted by the soldiers in every war as well as the servants of the rulers. Every occasion such as celebration, participants such as the host and the visitors are offered with tobacco that will be inhaled while drinking wine or any hallucinogenic beverage. Smoking cigarette is believed to symbolize power and authority for the person who is puffing a smoke.
smoking a pack of cigarettes can harm your health

Effects of smoking cigarette and electronic cigarette to the body

1. Decreases immune system: When smoking cigarettes, you are introducing harmful chemicals to your body that can cause your immune system to degrade. The chemical contents that are integrated to the body can destroy the white blood cells that should have been responsible for protecting your body from infection. If a person continuous to smoke, they can generally suffer from having a weak immune system.

2. The Risk for Respiratory diseases: A smoker usually acquires several respiratory diseases to the body, especially if they are going to smoke a cigarette on a regular basis. They normally develop a smoker's cough, which is a chronic disease attributed with the damage to the upper respiratory tract that exposes the larynx and pharynx from allergens.

3. Developing Heart Disease: Chronic smoking of tobacco or electronic cigarette could decrease the permeability of the walls of blood vessels across the body. This means that each blood vessel can be easily rigged, allowing particles to be dislodged on the wall that will attract accumulation of fats, dead cells, and thrombin formation. Blockage of the affected arteries can result to heart disease.

4. Stroke: People suffers from a cardio-cerebrovascular accident are attributed with smoking. This is the same issue to heart disease development because rigged blood vessel will allow accumulation to form emboli that travel to the brain. When there is a blockage of arteries to the blood vessel supplying the brain, it can cause an aneurysm or rupture that would lead to stroke.

5. Make you look old: Our skin always reflects our health status. Most smokers show that their face will make them appear older than they actual age. Chemicals emitted by the smoke that will be inhaled and integrated to the body destroys epithelial cells. The elasticity of the skin becomes dull because it can cause cell dehydration that will remove away skin moisture.

6. Bad breath: Smokers often develops bad breath because the smoke suffocates all cells across the nasal cavity. This irritates the mucosal linings of the larynx, pharynx, and the nasal cavity, creating an  allergic reaction. Inflammed tonsil develops bruises caused by frequent coughing, developing infection that could further emit a foul-smelling odor when the person speaks or just opens their mouth.

Simple remedies for people who habitually smoke and advice for non-smokers

1. Drink pleny of water: If you are a smoker and would like to gradually avoid smoking cigarettes, you should drink at least 12 minimum glass of water daily. Water is a universal solvent that dissolves any substances including toxins and harmful particles of your body that will be excreted by your kidneys or through perspiration.

2. Substance abuse counseling: Enrolling to institutions who rehabilitates individuals suffering from substance abuse is an essential initiative to balance the psychological integrity of the person. It controls their psychological behavior by gradually decreasing their dependency to smoking habits. This can take for at least three to six months depending upon the condition of the patient.

3. Exercise: Regularly involved in fitness-related activities enables an individual to improve their circulation. This will improve organ perfusion because having an improved circulation enables the body to eliminate waste products to be excreted and allow nourishment to help organs to function efficiently.

4. Medications: If a person wants to restore their health, they should first consult their physicians to prescribe medications that can treat their existing diseases. In this way, the efficiency of reducing their habitual smoking habits becomes more accurate to achieve better results. This includes taking anti-bacterial medications, antiviral, or anti-plasmodic medications.

5. Limit yourself going to pubs, cafe, or clubs: It is important to control yourself by preventing to go to recreational areas because you can be always be tempted to be smoking cigarettes. Limitation will save you more money instead of spending it for cigarette that can spend for food, civil services, or medications if necessary.

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