Another breakthrough is now creating headlines to the public due to the approval of first ever vaccine in Asia. The Philippines is the only country in Asia to approve its first ever vaccine indicated for dengue hemorrhagic fever. Bureau of Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines granted its initial vaccine that is now going to be available to all licensed pharmacies as well as to all health care agencies across the country. This is a significant news for the health care agencies across the Philippines to further improve its tropical disease prevention and health promotion activities.

Once that people will be infected with Dengue, they will feel a significant health degradation because their body will be at risk for being affected by the spread of the virus. Tropical diseases are a significant threat to human population because it can deliver a health and safety risk that can impact the integrity of the community's health and safety. Dengvaxia is probably the solution to one of the most infectious communicable diseases in our society because it can already treat diseases that are harmful to the entire population.
An aedis aegypti mosquito
Sanofi Pasteur's vaccine division operating in the Philippines is delighted for the good news about its marketing approval to legally manufacture and distribute dengue vaccine throughout the country. The vaccine can also be manufactured to other nearby countries in Asia. The recent approval will cause a promising campaign that will help eradicate the country's mortality and morbidity cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever all over the nation.

Name of the Vaccine: Dengvaxia is the official brand name of the vaccine by Sanofi Pasteur pharmaceutical company. The generic name is Dengue Vaccine. It is a tetravalent dengue vaccine that is incorporated with live attenuated chimeric vaccine that will generate a passive immunity for those who will be administered with the vaccine. This is used with a DNA recombinant technology by replacing the pre-membrane and the envelope of yellow fever live-attenuated 17D strain from the four serotypes of the vaccine. This will soon be available throughout pharmacies across the Philippines and probably expanding through other parts of Asia.

This particular vaccine can significantly reduce the number of total dengue fever cases at least 70% of the total population in the Philippines. Dengvaxia is indicated to patients who are nine years old and above. One booster dose through intramuscular injection is the route of medication administration for the patients.

About Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

It is a mosquito-borne disease because it is transmitted by the infected vector, which is mosquitoes, specifically the Aedes Aegypti species. This is caused by the dengue virus, which is a communicable viral infection that significantly impacts the overall health care integrity of the infected patient.

Symptoms of Dengue fever include skin rash all over the body that is similar to rubeola or measles. The patient will develop a very high fever more than 40 degrees celsius. Muscle and joint pains are also commonly reported by the patient accompanied by a mild to moderate headache.

Complications of Dengue fever can develop into dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is attributed with severe bleeding. Platelet levels decline to less than 150,000 per microliter of circulating blood products that is below the normal range in the body. Dengue shock syndrome is the end result if the patient is already on its end stage of the disease, characterized by a dangerous low blood pressure.

Each year, there are at least 3 billion people that are at risk for being infected with Dengue fever that can lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever. This disease mostly impacts countries that are situated in the equatorial region where they are within the tropical areas around the globe.

Before Dengvaxia

Treatment is usually being made through blood transfusion and intravenous fluid administration towards infected patients. This is to replace infected blood products with uninfected blood products that are compatible with the patient's blood type.

Anti-viral medications are administered through intravenous infusion to establish a rapid acting solution that aims to improve the patient's health.

Other treatment include rehabilitation by offering conducive environment, adequate lighting, noiseless environment, appropriate diet management, and secured environment to further fasten the recovery of the patient.


It is important to regularly spray your surroundings with insecticides to drive mosquitoes away and will not cause any harm to your health.

Put plants that emits strong odors such as Citronella, Basil, Chrysanthymums, Rose, Dianthus, Gardenia, Nicotania, Sweet Autumn Clematis, Oriental Lily, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Magnolia, and moon flower drives away all insects including mosquito.

If vaccines are already available in your area, you should take a booster dose because one dose could save your life from being infected from the disease forever.

Always check for news updates because it is important to be informed regarding any cases of dengue fever that prompts you to prepare.

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