Nowadays, a hoverboard is one of the hottest gadgets that we observe in the market. The youths are the most affected target markets for companies that manufacture and produces these electronic devices. We can see some individuals using their hoverboards along the streets and other places that are frequented by the public. Even if the value of these devices is paralleled with smart phone gadgets such as Iphone, customers are still willing to buy to satisfy their cravings for having a new innovative item.

It is important to keep your things in a safe place to prevent any unexpected exposures that might cause safety hazards at home. Even inside your car, all equipment should not be exposed to hazardous material or environment that can cause a significant amount of damage to your properties. This is the reason why you should take good care of your properties before it will be causing any nazardous consequences that could affect your life in the future. Remember to learn safety tips to prevent yourself getting at risk from hazard or harm due to faulty equipment.
Hoverboards are highly combustible devices
Hoverboards are also in the hot seat for being responsible for causing fire hazards at homes. There are growing reports of homes that were ravaged by fire due to hoverboard negligence related incidents. It has been discovered that hoverboards can easily heat up when it is switched on for longer hours. This is a significant threat because it can cause injuries to anyone who are using hoverboards for a long period of time. Due to its negative consequences for bringing fire hazards at home or to any structure, there is a serious government advice on how to keep your hoverboards safe to prevent any risk of harm or destruction to any properties. This is because it pays a price whenever a person is negligent enough to leave their homes behind that has been engulfed in flames, which causes costs that amounts to thousands or perhaps millions of dollars worth of damage.

What is a Hoverboard?: A hoverboard is a levitating board that is now available in retail stores that are specializing in producing electronic gadgets. These are boards that are electronically enhanced that can allow a user to move from one place to another. The device was previously regarded as a form of a fictional device being portrayed by science-fiction themed movies. Companies are now leveraging the use of this device in order to improve transportation systems as well as to improve mobilizations for individuals who are suffering from psychomotor illnesses.

A hoverboard is also known as a self-balancing electric scooter or a two-wheeled electronic moving board. This is a rechargeable device that is installed with portable battery to make it work automatically. A platform is installed to allow both feet to step-in to this two-wheeled moving device that is installed side-by-side. The device is also installed with a highly sensitive, gyroscopic pads to allow movement to take place that is controlled by the posture of the user's body when maneuvering it in motion. In 2015, it became extremely popular in the United States after it has been released in 2015.

By the end of the year, numerous reports of fire hazard have been attributed to the use of hoverboards. There were other reports that hoverboards were responsible for sparking several private homes. Although more than hundreds were already reported to the authorities, some are lucky enough to provide a video or an actual photo of hoverboards that were set on fire.

Watch this hoverboard that was set in flames

How to prevent your hoverboard from fire hazards?

1. Do not overuse your hoverboard: It is important for you to use the device for at least one to two hours because heat generates quickly as the board uses electric energy while generating power. Using the device more than two hours can risk fire hazards that can significantly harm you or set your home in flames. Hoverboards are electronic devices that depend on the use of electric power in order to generate energy by moving.

2. Do not overcharge your hoverboard: Once that you will see the green light that is automatically switched on, it means that it the board is already considered to be fully charged. However, if you leave your hoverboard to be still plugged in even if it is still full, it will cause the batteries to inflame due to the oversupply of energy generated from charging. Overcharging is one of the main reasons why your hoverboard suddenly explodes.

3. Change your portable battery regularly: It is important to replace your portable batteries at least once a month. Spending for your safety is better than spending for the damages that has been already costing you your insurance, health, and properties. HoveHoverboard batteries are considered combustible if it is constantly overly supplied with electric energy. You will observe that it will expand gradually until such time that when it can no longer contain additional energy, it starts to explode.

4. Never leave your hoverboard in an area that are combustible: Avoid placing your device inside your wooden cabinet, wooden floors, plastic compartments, gas range, other appliances, or beside electric outlets. Whenever heat is generated, it can easily produce a flame that could snap all of your properties in flames in just a few minutes. Place it in areas that are hard to produce and spread flames such as in concrete walls or floors, metal walls, or outside your home to prevent risks of fire hazards.

5. Do not place your hoverboard beside in an actively burning flame: As for your common sense, when a flame meets with other combustible items, they typically grow. The heat generated from the flame causes radiation effect to the battery, which also generates heat that will cause a fire to erupt. This means that you should avoid placing your device on flaming grills, candles, and fireworks.

6. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight. Our Sun generates heat due to its natural source of energy from its core, which also creates light. Everything that the sunlight touches becomes hot. Therefore, placing your hoverboard to a place where direct sunlight is visible or generated should be avoided. This means that you should place your device in shaded areas that are not exposed in direct heat.

7. Prevent hoverboards to be placed in areas that are experiencing an extreme heat.  Hoverboards are highly sensitive materials that when it will be exposed into an extreme environment such as heat, fire, or light, it can react quickly that creates an uncontrollable chain reaction. Never place your hoverboards in the kitchen, machinery shops, and other areas that are frequented by a hot and humid environment.

8. Always check your hoverboard at least twice or thrice a day: Before and after using the hoverboard, you should always check all areas for any signs of damage, leakage, or minor burning areas that can show a sign of fire hazard. This is because the batteries are easily stressed due to its highly sensitive nature. Check for any signs of moisture, damages, and malfunctioning and then report it to the service center where you purchase the item.

9. Do not expose your hoverboard in any moist environment: It is a big no no to wet your hoverboard. Moisture is known as the birth of a liquid material that can contaminate your hoverboard. Moist can quickly generate whenever the environment is humid because it attracts vaporized particles to integrate together and forming a bigger droplet, creating a liquid material. When moisture forms inside your hoverboard, it will quickly cause a chain reaction to the batteries that can cause a fire.

10. Avoid exposure to direct impact: Hoverboards are sensitive to any force that could affect its electronic systems. It is better not to throw your device, not to negligently place it to an area where it can easily fall to a hard surface. Batteries that are being discovered to ignite a fire when they were exposed in an impact event that caused self-destruction such as generating a flame that destroyed itself.

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