An active duty Filipino soldier reported a racial discrimination in Kalibo, Aklan province. The incident happened on January 1st of 2016 when the victim was allegedly refused to avail a VIP lounge and check-in to an Airport Lounge at Discovery Boracay by the Filipina staff and the South Korean owner. The soldier was disgusted about the situation and eventually reported to the local police.

Even if you are dressed as a simple civilian, no one can still have the right to use derogatory remarks basing your race or ethnicity. This person has made numerous praise due to his bravery and perseverance to fight for his right as a human being. His experience from the hotel is a lesson to other individuals not to allow themselves from being abused by foreigners just because of their socio-economic lifestyle, race, or identity.
Ryan Layug was allegedly discriminated at a hotel in Kalibo, Aklan
Ryan Layug, from San Carlos, Pangasinan posted his anguish online using his personal Facebook profile under his pseudo name, Phoenix Rising. The most intriguing part of the story was when the South Korean supervisor babbled in front of him, stating that "No Filipinos! No Filipinos". It was hitting his heart twice with a dagger. He was dismayed for the Filipina lady employee who follows racist practices of her boss in order to retain her source of livelihood. Basing from his timeline, he stated his post that "please share/repost my personal experience of discrimination. For the love of humanity".

The soldier was waiting for his flight bound to Cebu at 5 am the next day. While killing time, he decided to proceed to Discover Boracay to spend his remaining waiting time. But he did not expect what will happen next that can significantly change his mindset regarding some foreigners who treated Filipinos differently in their homeland.

Ryan Layug is now deeply agonized by the situation where he is requesting the public to share his post and photos online from his Facebook account. When the supervisor realized his offensive remarks against the Filipino soldier, he attempted to bribe him by offering free stay and free food. However, Ryan stuck to his brave principle by refusing the offer and slowly search for another place to ease his disappointments from the incident.
screengrab from Phoenix Rising's FB account

Even if he forgive the racist remark made by the South Korean, the pain and suffering brought about by the discrimination incident caused a psychological impact to his emotional health.

As a brave soldier, he strongly advocates in democracy. He is just concerned about the public outcry due to the incident that involved his reputation being tarnished by a foreign national who is currently managing an establishment.

He is also requesting for all local government agencies who might provide a thorough investigation to the incident to conclude the case.

Discrimination against Filipinos in their own country is not a rare situation because each year, there are several reports of similar cases being documented by local government units, police departments, and non-government organizations as based from their documented reports.

To conclude his statement, he ended with "if you love your race and your country, the Philippines and is against discrimination, share the post in your wall".

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