A giant alligator was spotted along a golf course in Florida. The creature suddenly appeared from the swampy areas surrounding the golf course that stunned golf players while they are having a good time in the field. What onlookers were stunned about is the massive size of the alligator, which made an unusual scene in the area, generating more attention to witness a live and magnificent, but a dangerous creature from the wild.

Critics may have to disagree with this scenario but the photo is actually a snapshot from the circulating video, which have been already gaining popularity to various social and television media around the world. The reason was about the size of the alligator. This scenario was real and not just a random man in a suit that was navigating on a grass field just to prank golfers. But this scneairo reveals how wildlife is teeming with surprises to anywone who are not expecting an unusual scene in their environment.
An alligator at the golf course
The incident took place at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto. The golfers noticed that there is an uninvited guest, sitting in the corner of the field. moments later, the creature stood up and began walking towards the lake. While walking, golfers never expected that the creature was massive, causing an adrenaline rush because they know that the creature is strong enough to grab anything in its path and then will make it as their meal.

The reptile is a large alligator that is estimated to be at least 15 feet long or 4.5 meters in length from the snout to the tail. The gator may have been believed to be at least 8 years old. Golfers thought that it was a mascot, trying to make a prank at them while having a good time along the field. But then, what they are looking at is a real and a massive creature, making a good scene at the greenish horizon, indicating that it is live and real.

Conservationists in the area were not surprised at the scene because it is not the first time that a massive creature was spotted along the area.

The gator was believed to be the same animal who was already spotted beforehand, roaming the area and made the golf course as its territory. It regularly roams the area in order to protect it from other roaming gators, trying to hunt within this gator's territory.

Watch the video below

Alligator is a crocodilian reptile under the genus Alligator from the family Alligatoridae. The creature that was spotted in Florida is an American alligator. The other species is Chinese Alligator, which is endemic to Eastern China. Chinese alligator has a shorter snout as compared with the bigger snout of its cousin, the American alligator.

This reptile is an aggressive carnivore, known to eat anything that it sees. It hunts mammals, and other species of animals as part of its voracious appetite. Alligator is a cold-blooded animal, depending on the sunlight to generate its body temperature.

The American alligator is endemic to the everglades, which is a large forest reserve in the southwestern peninsula as well as surrounding areas of the United States or North American continent.

The elusive animal is considered a threat to human habitat because it is known to attack individuals. There were isolated reports of humans who have been preyed by alligators and some of which were partially consumed after they have been attacked.

Several smaller alligators were seen reaching either the front of backyards of several homes in the State of Florida, causing an alarm to the affected resident or community.

The animal's jaws are some of the most powerful in the world, reaching to at a bite force of more than 600 PSI. This means that it can easily crush a bone in just a single snap. If an animal will try to bite your arm, the chance of losing your arm is high due to the force of the alligator's snout as it tries to pull your arm off.

Just recently, there are also other species of reptilians who were spotted in the Everglades, living along with the alligators. They were identified as the Nile crocodile species, which are saltwater crocodiles.

If you see an alligator just meters where you are standing, you should better distance yourself before you will be taken as a meal by that dangerous creature.

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