Local Philippine actress and former beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez stuns Cannes film festival with her royal green gown. Maria Isabel stole the hearts of paparazzi and fashion experts because of her beautifully designed dress. Fashion media and journalists were astounded by her shiny and shimmering long dress and began reporting it to their respective news networks and social media websites.

She is already famous in her home country. But what makes her trending now? is all about her dress as well as her skill in flaunting her gown to the public. She may not be your best actress, but she can still flawlessly emerge herself to be an icon in the fashion industry due to her skill to impress anyone with her attractive and luxurious look. Her gown makes her stunningly beautiful by just using her confidence and eye-catching presence.
Maria Isabel Lopez
Maria Isabel Lopez was seen to be obviously confidently beautiful by heart as she was joined by her fellow local celebrities, representing a certain movie with their respective roles in the annual Cannes international film festival. Other than the former beauty queen, she is also joined by other foreign celebrities as a participant with the international film contest held in Cannes each year, showcasing their best custom-made dresses by international fashion stylists.

Her apparent scene-catching gown was designed by a Filipino artist, Albert Andrada. he was the chosen official gown designer of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach who gave the third crown for the Philippines on December 20, 2015.

Lopez made another recognition to an international audience by displaying a rising Filipino fashion designer to the world through the Cannes festival. The gown obviously surfaced on the red carpet as it allows other celebrities abroad to witness the dress. Maria flaunted it and projected the gown perfectly as she allowed her modelesque body to sway, pause, and display the gown very professionally with her colleagues.

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Maria Isabel Lopez on her Emerald gown

While naturally poised and looked elegant at every angle, she was unknowingly photographed by numerous journalists in the area. Each photographer published the perfect image of her flaunting her custom-made stunning dress to the media. Her photos garnered numerous positive praises from journalists, fashion critics, and social media users.

Maria Isabel Lopez stands out with her emerald gown

Maria Isabel Lopes accompanied the casts of the movie "Ma Rosa", which is a Filipino film created by Brillante Mendoza. The actress is one of the representatives of the film that was qualified to become an entry for Palme d' Or, which is the festival's grand prize. Ma' Rosa is a drama film that presents about police brutality, corruption, and drug dealing.

Maria Isabel Lopes as a beauty queen

As a beauty queen, Maria Isabel won the license to represent the Philippines in 1982's Miss Universe competition. After reigning for one year and passing the crown to her successor, she entered local showbiz in her home country. She made numerous films, commercials, and television soap operas until the present day.

This woman proved that age really does not matter for as long as you know how to wear the gown and will not let the gown wear you. Maria Isabel proves that the power of beauty is still under the control of the beholder. Well done, Maria Isabel.

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