X-men: The apocalypse is the latest series to hit local and international theatres, featuring a new mutant that has shaken all other mutants. The movie features apocalypse, which is the earliest known mutant to have ruled the ancient world and then mysteriously vanished until today. Apocalypse is just the recent supervillain that is powerful enough to rule an entire star system by using its superpower that can control anything.

If you are a follower for X-Men series, you will definitely know this super-villain in the history of Marvel Comics. He is powerful, he is immortal, and he can live for millions of years because he developed a new and a rare skill that other mutants was not able to apply it. Being a mutant with superpower is a privilege to recuperate from the pressure of humanity, which is going against the existence of mutants in their community. For this reason, this super villain is one of the reasons why humans does not want mutants to exist due to their threat against the living world.
Apocalypse in X-men movie
X-men movie series is one of the most sought films in the entertainment industry today. The movie series presents a science-fiction superhero film that presents a group of mutants with their own special powers. The movie is based on the characters published by Marvel Comics is popular among the youth and early adults. This latest movie is the ninth series that are now available in theatres worldwide, generating cosplayers and X-men movie enthusiasts to watch the latest series of the movie.

The movie features Apocalypse that is also known as En Sabah Nur. He is the first mutant that have ever walked and ruled the ancient world. He is an immortal supervillain, roaming the planet from time to time everytime he awakens and then returns back to hybernation for several hundreds of years. He is the main antagonist of the film and the new archenemy of X-men mutants. Apocalypse is one of the greatest threats of X-men brotherhood, having the ability to destroy the Earth with his powers. He is also accompanied by a group of supervillain mutants that could further bring more threat to the world, including the X-men defenders of the world.

Plot review: The movie introduces En Saban Nur, which was an Egyptian man from a middle class family who lived in ancient Egypt. He developed superhuman abilities by casting mental powers, able to make himself appear dark, and later merging with the celestial technology. He can control any molecules to transform his physical abilities, displaying telekinesis and technopathy that make himself the first immortal mutant. Due to his super mutant abilities, he regard himself to be the most powerful superhuman.

Apocalypse was seen to be worshiped by ancient Egyptians as their living Supreme Being due to his superhuman abilities. However, his followers started to disobey and betray him by entombing him alive, temporarily hybernating him alive. His four horsemen protected him and preserving him until they die.

In 1983, apocalypse eventually awakened. He witnessed that there is a significant change that happened to humanity by looking at new infrastructures and technologies developed by humans and sees it as a loss of humanity. Through his ideology, he decides to recreated the world by destroying the world and will start to build a new set of humanity according to his image.

By no longer having his horsemen to his side, he searched for new sets of horsemen to be his new team of supervillains to protect him. They are Magneto as War, Psylocke as pestillence, Storm as famine, and Archangel as Death.

As the four horsemen started to shift the balance of Earh's gravitational forces, numerous natural disasters occur, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians all over the world.

X-men forces tried and successfully convinced Erik and storm shifted their support towards the X-men group and turned against Apocalypse. Psyclocke escapes while Archangel was killed by Apocalypse.

While Apocalypse is trying to possess Xavier through telepathic route, Jean and Xavier joined their powers in order to defeat Apocalypse. Jean Grey transformed into Phoenix and then successfully incinerated Apocalypse.

The movie is set to create its next series, which is expected to be focusing on "Dark Phoenix Saga", which is concentrated towards Jean Grey.


The movie presents a world where human can take control of our society. As a copy film from the actual comic book series, it presents a realistic view of a world when there are superheroes that coexist with humans.

As an adventure and science-fiction themed movie, it presents a world that is can be easily devoured by bad superheroes. The production of the movie provides an impressive three dimensional scenes that attracts the emotional intensity of the viewers.

The movie is one of the released series of X-men, which generates loyal followers to support all series that are released each year.

This is recommended for all ages who loves to watch science-fiction movies to fulfill their wildest imagination while looking at the superheroes with superhuman abilities.


  • Professor X/ Charles Xavier: James McAvoy
  • Magneto/ Erik Lehnsherr: Michael Fassbender
  • Mystique/ Raven Darkholme: Mystique
  • Apocalypse/ En Sabah Nur: Oscar Isaac
  • Beast/ Hank McCoy: Nicholas Hoult
  • Moira MacTaggert: Rose Byrne
  • Cyclops/ Scott Summers: Tye Sheridan
  • Jean Grey/ Phoenix: Sophie Turner
  • Psylocke/ Elizabeth Braddock: Olivia Munn
  • Havok/ Alex Summers: Lucas Till
  • Quicksilver/ Peter Maximoff: Evan Peters
  • Nightcrawler/ Kurt Wagner: Kodi Smit-McPhee
  • Storm/ Ororo Munroe: Alexandra Shipp
  • Archangel/ Warren Worthington III: Ben Hardy
  • Jubilee/ Jubilation Lee: Lana Condor
  • William Stryker: Josh Helman

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