Imelda Schweighart is now trending in mass media including social media networks when she was crowned as the new Miss Earth 2016. This comes after she won the license to represent the Philippines in the upcoming Miss Earth 2016 beauty pageant that will be held later this year. As a national pageant titleholder, Imelda Schweighart becomes a new role model to other individuals across the Philippines as the new Miss Earth.

Schweighart is expected to banner environmental awareness as she will be the new brand ambassadress of Miss Earth Philippines organization. Her aim is to promote ecological and environmental awareness to the entire Philippine society. This is to let the Filipino community to be more knowing how to maintain our environmental integrity by means of protecting it through conservation in the long run. However, she resigned after Catherine Espin of Ecuador won Miss Earth 2016 in the Philippines.
Miss Earth Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart
As a beauty queen, combating climate change is one of the major issues that she is going to implement by means of helping local government units to promote environmental related issues. In relation to her answer during the final's night, she indicated that banning Genetically modified organisms is just one of her campaign so that people can have a longer life. The Filipino community should sustain a food supply that is generated by natural production and preventing artificial modification process that leads to the disruption of humanity and environment.

But the question is, why Imelda won Miss Earth pageant that was concluded last June 11, 2016. Even though she made numerous controversies when she participated in the annual Miss Earth 2016 beauty pageant, many still supports her. For those who failed to watch the event, they are just wondering how this beautiful lady became the most celebrated woman in the province of Puerto Princesa. Curiosity is now flowing towards social media because they have little knowledge about the background of this lady, which is now one of the most followed women in this period.

Local pageant enthusiasts were also optimistic that this girl will prove something to the world that the Philippines is not just a pageant-crazy nation. It is a nation that should be watched out by other international candidates in the field of pageantry because the country had just begun sending ladies who were mostly ending up as beauty queens. International pageant fanatics were also outpouring their support for Imelda because they believe that she can also deliver her skills well in Miss Earth 2016.

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WATCH| 10 interesting facts why Imelda Schweighart won as Miss Earth Philippines 2016 beauty pageant

1. She is stunningly beautiful: As a candidate from Puerto Princesa, Imelda exhumed a unique beauty that has already captivated the hearts of the community. Her charming glory is one of her fortes to make on her way to the top spot as the eventual winner of the pageant. She gracefully presented her gorgeous beauty, which makes her stand out during the coronation night. International beauty pageant enthusiasts are also referring to Imelda's beauty to look like a Latina beauty queen.

2. She is a pageant veteran: Imelda Schweighart joined Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) in 2013 and entered the top 15 semi-finalists. As a veteran, she is already known how to flaunt her body, sway her gown, and to use her catwalk skills in front of the judges. Her past experience gained her a confidence that is one of her most desirable weapon to place the top spot during the coronation night of Miss Earth 2015.

3.Confidence: Past experience already molded her skills in the field of pageantry to take her performance to the next level. Her confidence level succeeded her goal to become the most prominent candidate throughout the pageant. Basing from her pageant performance, she did not show any sign of awkwardness on stage because she believes that being true to herself as an aspiring beauty queen and a future role model is already enough to make her way to the crown.

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4. Excellent answer: As a new pageant titleholder, Imelda's answer was about the banning of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). She wants to show to the Philippines that if we advocate natural food supply, we will eventually learn to love our environment. This is because eating food supplies that came from a natural source creates an advantage with regards to the importance of using our environment as a catalyst for the preservation of ecological resources. The message determined that she really deserves to win the title.

5. Has advanced communication skills: Imelda is not only just a beauty queen. One of her assets is about her communication skills as a local celebrity. She hosted numerous variety shows that carries her skill in communications to become outstanding. Her ability to think and present her ideas and performance are completely flawless to deliver a thoughtful and credible speech that can be observed during the coronation night.

6. Environmentalist: She joined Miss Earth because she wants to show the world how the environment is important to us. Imelda has been an epitome of beauty and as an environmental advocate to institute resourcefulness and environmental protection. As a representative of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, she wants to show her city to be a role model to other cities because it is the cleanest and one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines.

7. Took a series of rigorous pageant training: Prior to joining Binibining Pilipinas in 2013, Imelda was already a trained candidate. Her catwalk skills, communication, and the way she can carry herself on stage was carefully planned and trained one of the most important pageant trainers in the country. He again trained before joining Miss Earth; Hence, her skill became more prominent and effortlessly made her as the reigning Miss Earth 2016.

8. Impressive catwalk skills: Schweighart undergone training numerous times. She walks effortlessly by maintaining her perfect position, poise, and elegance while walking the runway during the coronation night. Her skills in catwalk fully materialized it while she flaunted her beautiful body during the swimsuit round. In the evening gown competition, she knew how to carry the gown very well through her elegance, poise, and a high-class personality.

9. Strong stage presence: This woman is always surprising the audience with her strong presence on stage. Her strong stage presence is composed of her outstanding beauty, perfect catwalk skills, experience, and confidence, which makes her easily noticeable on stage. This combination can always make a person to always stand out from the crowd.

10. Bubbly personality: One major interesting about this lady is something about her personality. She has been always true to herself while driving her pageant skills in front of the crowd. Her personality is one of her perfect recipes to become a beauty queen. You have to be always carefree to show your true personality. She did not show any fake emotions, personality, or perceptions that made herself believable to the crowd and to judges.

Even if she resigned, do you still miss Imelda Schweighart, Miss Earth Philippines 2016?

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