Behind the man's furious comments and out lashing expressions comes with a humble and silent presidential son. You may not know him because he is currently enjoying being in a private shadow that is voluntarily outcasting himself from the public. But sooner, his private life is slowly taking a life because of his father's accomplishments and expected prominence in the Republic of the Philippines.

He is simple, he is just simply plain and ordinary upon looking at him. But behind is humble persona is something that could surprise you. By looking at his innocent face and smile, you will not notice that there is something in him that will make you think twice about this person. This is because the way he acts as well as carries himself does not reveal the true nature of his own character, especially when talking about the public limelight. He is considered the opposite of his father's character as can be seen from online interviews from various media networks.
Presidential son Sebastian Duterte
His name is Sebastian Duterte or simply known by his nick as Baste. He is the third child of Philippine president's first spouse after Paolo and Sara. By basing from his photos from various social media accounts, he is usually seen as a simple guy next door who is just living his normal life that is away from fame. So let us learn more about this simple dude who is now making a name for himself across mass and social media that is circulating across the internet. Here are some brief and interesting facts you may know more about Sebastian.

If there is one person who will be attracting the media, this is Sebastian. He is believed to be the spokesperson of the presidential family. He might be assigned to responsible for being the frontline for any dignitaries who will be visiting the country within the six-year term of his father's presidency. This means that he will have to serve the country for showing the Filipino hospitality under his assistance with or without his father's presence. This will be a big shoe for him to fill in as one of his responsibilities being a presidential son.

10 Interesting facts about the  Sebastian Duterte

1. He is now the current presidential son: After his father's landslide win during the 2016 national Philippine elections, Rodrigo won and now the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines. Whether he likes it or not, he will start to represent his family to the world as the presidential son because he is now a part of the most prominent family in the Philippines.

2. A heartthrob: Everybody who sees Sebastian Duterte can easily fall in love with his hunky physique. Upon looking at him makes you melt and not him because his face and body that are already enough for you to faint on the floor. Most girls believe that they have a new idol under the name of Sebastian Duterte, which is their new inspiration and silent motivator.

The face of a heartthrob
3. Simple guy: Sebastian was already used to living in a life with full of simplicity. He believes in the saying that simplicity is beauty because he is already contented for what he have and does not seek for any higher ambition. He wants to live simple and die as a simple guy. Sebastian is usually seen on shorts, slippers, and wearing tank tops.

4. Very humble: Upon looking at his photos, you may seem to notice that he is down to earth person. He does not show any facial expression that indicates any signs of physical arrogance. He is very approachable to anyone who wants to approach him. As a person who grew up in a simple life, he was able to adapt any crowd, which is a rare characteristic of a person from a prominent family.

Sebastian with Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

5 He has a lip piercing: Every time Sebastian is being interviewed by the media, you will notice something in his face that is causing a distraction with his interview. This is all about the piercings located on the right edge of his lower lip. He is not bothered by the distraction caused by the piercings of his lower lip, indicating that it does not cause any public nuisance because it is a part of body art.

6. A tattooed hunk: As a body art advocate, Sebastian has prominent tattoos that can be found on his shoulders. These tattoos make him more masculine, transforming his hunkiness into a superhero that is one of the reasons why he can generate physical attraction to his new fans. Whenever he is seen shirtless on some occasions there are numerous fans who is flattered by his masculinity through his shoulder tattoos.

Visible tattoos on his shoulders
7. He is a father of two: This is one of the worst things that you could hate reading this article. Sad to say, Sebastian is already a father of two and is now a family person. So for those who are still hoping to be with him in the future, you better set your cards off because he is already taken. This is a very frustrating thing to say.

Humorous Sebastian
8. Sebastian prefers to be called Baste: As a person living in a simple life, he still prefers to be called as Baste. This is his nickname where it has been already used since his childhood. Sebastian is a name that is referred to a formal way, which makes him uncomfortable, especially when you are with him on a non-formal activity.

9. He can speak Bisaya: Sebastian is from a Bisaya clan, which is a prominent ethnic minority in the Philippines. He speaks fluent Bisaya, which is the second largest language in the Philippine archipelago, conquering most parts of the Visayas region and in Mindanao. He speaks Bisaya more often to his colleagues from his hometown or to any part of the country were Bisaya is dominantly spoken.

10. Baste currently stays in Manila: He moved to Manila because of his father's decision in order to have a better life and career. He took up Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science in Manila. He also met his current partner whom he now has two kids.

11. Sebastian Duterte is a surfer: Baste's past time is to go around the coastal waters of Mindanao and in some parts of the Visayas region in order to surf. He is considered an environmental advocate for harnessing the wonders of the Philippine archipelago by making it as one of his past time. This is where his body became buffed due to regular surfing activities.

Sebastian surfing at the sea

12. He is charismatic: With the power of his family's political influence together with his attractive physical features, he is the perfect combination for bringing another charisma to the public. Whenever he is delivering a speech in public, most of his fans are eagerly listening to every mouth that they can put to their minds, hearts, and soul.

Simple Baste facing the crown

*photos credits to Baste's facebook page

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