In the world of beauty, pageant fanatics recalls Apasra Hongsakul as the first Southeast Asian to win Miss Universe 1965. She made waves in Southeast Asia for starting to show the world that this particular region in the world is also capable of sending competitive girls in the international pageantry arena. She was the woman who made an inspiration to other Southeast Asian aspirants to become motivated on winning the most coveted crown in the Universe.

Apasra is also the first woman from Thailand to win as Miss Universe 1965. Thailand is a proud nation to be the second in Asia to win the crown, which was first won by Japan's Akiko Kojima in 1959. Apasra Hongsakul is honored to banner the flag of her country to let other countries prove that Asians should not be taken for granted in the world of pageantry because it shows that their competitiveness is just starting to happen. More Asian candidates in the future will now be a threat in the world of pageantry.
Young looking Miss Universe 1965 Apasra Hongsakul
Apart from being a beauty queen, Apasra made waves meeting with numerous crowds, dignitaries, international diplomats, celebrities, and businessmen. During her reign, Hongsakul impressed the public with her fresh beauty, inspiring early brands to create their cosmetic line to honor her. Thailand is very thankful for having her as their first international beauty queen that made a significant contribution to Thailand's social, economic, and political identity.

However, as decades go by, a few only noticed that Apasra's beauty never fade. This is because most Thais and international pageant enthusiasts are already familiar with how she looks like. Never did they realize that it was already several decades past that she still remains to be confidently youthful. As of today, it is almost half a century that Apasra's beauty seems to be very youthful. Notice that there is a slight change in her face as well as her body, which most women from the same age are not being able to fulfill or maintain.

Even if Apasra has had beauty enhancements from the past, she still has the perfect body to be envied by other women of the same age. As a 68-year-old beauty queen, you will surely won't believe that she is that old enough to be still looking in shape. After several decades, she is now mentoring another goal, which is to become a role model to an elderly woman to never give up looking young because the level of confidence will still bring up a person's self-esteem.

5 beauty facts why Miss Universe 1965 Apasra Hongsakul still looks young today

1. Maintains a healthy diet: Miss Universe 1965 Apasra Hongsakul still looks young today because she is always critically careful for her diet. At the age of 68, she is always observant about any food that she consumes. Being aware about the consequences of eating unhealthy food, Apasra knows foods that can maintain her youthful appearance as well as ensuring that what she eats came from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables.

2. Having a regular exercise: As the first Southeast Asian Miss Universe who won in 1965, maintaining body shape is Apasra is always maintaining her shape in order to not to waste her healthy diet routine. A combination of exercise and healthy diet totally help her youthful glow to consistently manage her alluring appearance. Apasra has been always maintained her exercise routine, making her body that makes other women of the same age to started looking up to her routines.

Apasra Hongsakul as a candidate (right) and as a Miss Universe 1965 (left)
3. Avoiding unhealthy lifestyle: One of the major cause of maintaining Apasra's youthful appearance is the way she avoids an unhealthy lifestyle. At the age of 68, she is cautiously avoiding all unhealthy activities that might risk her health as well as her longevity in this world. Some of these are drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes, and staying late at night. These are just simple things that other people fail to eliminate.

4. Maintains self-confidence: The key to always look younger is to be always confident to yourself as well as with your daily activities. Being confident always maintains your health to be in an optimum shape. This is what Apasra maintains that is why she always show optimistic environment that embraces her overall appearance to be consistently attractive. Maintaining confidence to self-prevents any risk for developing stress, anxiety, and mental health problems that are the major causes of aging.

5. Always pamper herself at the spa: This is a traditional way to relax yourself when getting stressed out after a hectic work schedule. Apasra always seeks for spa service in order to pamper her face, body, and mind. She usually takes her time to have a full body massage, facial treatments, and sauna to totally cleanse her body from impurities. She always does these routines that make her evenly attractive and inspirational.

Apasra's beauty spa

Apasra also established her small-medium business enterprise. This time, she is now a proud owner of a spa that provides basic and advanced beauty treatments for those who wants to maintain their youth even if they are already aging. She even used herself as a model to her own spa to inspire others to follow her own way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as having the ability to prove that being a member of the elderly population can still make a difference by maintaining your youth.

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