An alarming increase in killings related to prohibited drug-related incidents is now causing a concern among the watchful eyes of human rights. As a concern, the killings are brought about by the campaign to boost peace and prosperity across the society with respect to the implementation of having a prosperous environment. Pushers and users of prohibited substances are the most involved individuals or groups who were executed by vigilante groups and police security forces.

Drug-related crime is a serious offense because it is believed to be responsible for causing security risks that are hampering the growth and progress of a community. The main reason for neutralizing drug syndicate is to prevent future criminal activities that might risk the security as well as the safety of all residents in a certain area. Executions skyrocketed for the past weeks because the new administration is now very serious in maintaining peace and security in the area.
Drug raid and possibly executions are rampant
The concern with regards to the execution of individuals who were related to the prohibited use of drugs is now alarming because each day, there are at least either one or two individuals die. This is because whenever they were being raided by the police force, some of them were found to be armed with high-powered firearms, which pose harm to other individuals. This means that they are ready to fight for their life just to prevent themselves from being apprehended by the law.

However, the number of killings towards a certain group is already considered alarming. This is for the reason that drug dealers have already been involved in several controversies involving the health and safety of the community. For this aspect, the commission of human rights as well as vigilant groups who are already concerned with the aggressive killing of drug suspects is now concerned about the issue. Some say that the action was to create fear or oppression towards suspects to prevent similar practices in the future. But this reason is not enough to propagate criminal activities towards others.

Prohibited drug use is considered illegal because it is a substance that may cause a hallucinogenic effect to the user. If a person uses this prohibited items, it poses a significant health risk for the reason that it could potentially degrade their overall health and wellness in the long run. Dealers of prohibited items are more likely to be unable to be granted on bail because they are responsible for causing others to be prone to substance abuse such as being addicted to a substance that will cause a concern to both psychological and mental health problems.

5 facts why there is an increase of executions related to prohibited drug offense?

1. It is illegal: As the term implies, illegal drugs are substances that are prohibited by the law. It is restricted that it may cause a problem to the society. Most countries around the world prohibit the use of these substances because they are undesirable substances that are not good for consumption. There are harsh punishments for anyone who will be caught using or carrying these prohibited items, causing fear and oppression. The best way to control is to enforce and implement the law by neutralizing all offenders of this particular law.

2. Significantly possess health risks: Prohibited drugs is harmful to your health. The reason behind is that it can cause significant changes to the body when a person starts to use it. The nasal cavity will be the first to be affected because sniffing excessively causes irritation and swelling. The oral cavity is affected because the pressure when inhaling the substance causes the facial appearance to be distorted. The nervous system is also affected, which will cause an irreversible damage to the brain as well as the nerve endings across the body.

3. Causes aggression: A person using prohibited drugs can cause aggression for the reason that the person is already suffering from hallucinations that they perceive a false stimulus. This will be the time that they exhibit aggressive behavior, which is potentially dangerous to the health of the person. The safety is also affected for the reason that the extent of aggression is already potentially harmful against the safety of the person involved with any scenario that will risk their safety as well as security.

4. Links with syndicates: One of the most concerning issues involving the possession of drug related incidents is about the linkage with drug-related syndicates. When there will be local groups involved with the possession and distribution of this prohibited items, it will be a threat to the local security of the society. International syndicates will be a bigger problem because they have affiliations with local groups who are responsible for disposing these substances to other countries.

5. Prevents criminal activities: Drug-related problems are one of the main causes of criminal activities in the society. A suspected felon are mostly under the influence of prohibited drugs wherein their mental capacity is no longer in a normal state that they are already aggressive enough to cause trouble to the society. They develop a personality disorder that is potentially harmful to other individuals, making it hard to solve criminal activities in a certain community.

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