Traveling is one of the most important events that can happen to your life. It provides a leisure activity for you to have more time to have a permanent memory that can be treasured when you grow old. When you travel, you will be having a new phase in your life creates an unforgettable moment that you can recall it in the future. So if you start traveling, you will have more opportunities to enjoy your life to the fullest.

Manila is one of the best places in the Philippines to travel. This is not only with the sights and sounds of the area but, it is a place where you can easily communicate with the locals when you visit the place. This place is teeming with extraordinary attractions that are unique enough to make it one of the most favorable places in the planet that you could visit someday. You will never regret traveling to this place because there are memories that would help you learn something valuable into your life.
Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines
Manila is the capital city of the Republic of the Philippines. The area is currently the center of trade and commerce of the country, making it the gateway for businessmen to engage in local and international businesses. This is the reason why Manila is much more preferred as Metro Manila that belongs to the National Capital Region, which is composed of chartered cities that are concentrated in one big nation, making it the most concentrated metropolitan areas in the Philippines.

Visiting Manila will be a great way for you to spend your quality time with yourself or with your families who will be joining you in the Metro. Manila is considered as the gateway to the country because you will be able to go from the capital to other cities and provinces across the country. The place has some of the most hospitable peoples in the world because they can show their warm welcome to every visitor that visits their place for a short period of time. When you visit Manila, you will meet Filipino people and can also have the chance to experience the cultures and traditions that will let you understand more about the Philippines when you visit this place.

There are several airlines where you can book your ticket. But the main airlines that serve flights to and from the capital are the Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Zest Air, Tiger Airways, Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, KLM, Emirates, China Airlines, Japan Airlines, Northwest Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Thai Air, Garuda Indonesia, and many airlines. You can also reach Manila through international maritime routes where cruise ships and international ferries reach its international port.

The gateway of the country is Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is the main port of entry for local and international guests who wants to experience being in the Philippine capital for several days.
Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Manila can be seen from the map of the Philippines

5 reasons why you should visit Manila, Philippines 

1. It is a tropical refuge: Manila is located near the equator. The place is humid because it lies within the tropical zone of the Earth's equator. The place offers a temporary refuge for all visitors and guests to experience a warm climate and enjoy its humid environment. Tourists from the temperate and cold regions who are currently experiencing winter season could have a perfect moment to get away from a chilly weather pattern.

2. Manila have numerous shopping malls: Metro Manila is home some of the largest shopping malls in the world. This includes SM Mall of Asia, which is a multi-complex shopping mall compound that provides a favorable shopping area for tourists and locals who wants to buy personal items, equipment, and to do retail business. The mall complex hosts both local and international competitions via the SM Mall of Asia's Arena. There are other local malls that are scattered across the capital, boosting the country's purchasing power of consumers.
SM Mall of Asia during daytime
SM Mall of Asia during the night
3. Engage in business: Numerous Business Processing Outsourcing is also installed in the area, making it a center for residents and foreigners to work and do business in Philippine's capital. Metro Manila is home to some of the largest corporations in the world. There are international business franchises who are currently operating in the country, boosting both local and international business centers. By navigating the capital, you could notice that there are numerous towering structures and other tall skyscrapers being created in the country, increasing the competitiveness of the country's real-estate based businesses.
Several skyscrapers are seen when you pass across roads and bridges at the capital

4. Engish speaking citizens: Communication is one of the most important considerations when traveling to a foreign place. When you roam around Manila, you will never have a hard time communicating with the locals. English is the country's second language and the country has a 96% literacy rate. Every local that you meet anywhere in the capital can communicate with you in English, making it easier for you to express what is on your mind.
Almost entire Filipinos know how to speak English

5. A major cultural center: Metro Manila hosts numerous cultural events. You can visit the country's National Museum, the Rizal's shrine, Intramuros, Philippine International Convention Center, and many more national heritage sites across the capital. As a tourist, visiting Manila's cultural centers could further help you understand the cultures and traditions of the country. You will be able to appreciate Philippine's heritage, which is unique and different from other countries and cultures across the world. You can ride the traditional kalesa or ride a jeepney while navigating around the area.

National Museum

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