This is a usual marital legal case that involves two former partners when they battle against each other for the custody of their child. The camp of Vina Morales filed a lawsuit against Cedric Lee over an alleged detention of their daughter at the San Juan City Prosecutor's Office on June 3, 2016, that was on Friday.

Vina Morales claims that Cedric Lee had forcibly detained their 7-yearold daughter. Lee's action violated their visitation agreement that was approved by the court. Cedric Lee held Ceana for at least nine days without the knowledge of Vina Morales, making her extremely concerned about the safety of the child. Ceana was taken away by Cedric Lee without the permission of Vina Morales, creating another controversy with her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Cedric Lee.
Vina Morales and Cedric Lee
The incident happened when Vina Morales went to a vacation abroad to spend time with her current partner, Marc Lambert. While Vina and her partner were having a leisure time outside the country, little they know that Vina's daughter was already in the hands of her former boyfriend, making her extremely anxious. As a mother, it natural for her to feel very defensive about the safety of her daughter to prevent unavoidable circumstances that might happen to her in the future.

Vina Morales initially decided to be mum about the incident. But since there were numerous media reporters, fans, relatives, and friends who keep on sending inquiries about the matter, she finally decided to unzip her mouth. This is now the time for her to defend her rights as well as to ensure the security of her daughter to prevent future risks that might happen beyond her control.

The court will now review the case filed by the actress against Cedric Lee to determine if the visitation rights were indeed violated by the former partner.

Cedric Lee is only allowed under the court to legally visit his daughter every Saturdays, which is a conducive time for her daughter to bond with her father without interfering her studies.

The actress is now ready to face another challenge in her life for facing her estranged boyfriend who was also involved from past scandals.

Vina stressed that her patience finally came into saturation as she can no longer ingest all his ex-partner's bullying against her including her family.

Cedric Lee and Vina Morales parted ways even while she was already carrying Lee's child. Vina maintained a close contact after the break up to maintain a father figure for Ceana.

Vina Morales believes that her decision to take a new legal case battle against her former ex-boyfriend will finally set her at peace to secure the safety of her family and relatives.

Cedric Lee was previously involved with past scandalous allegations from past celebrities.

Lee was the prime suspect for serious illegal detention, physical abuse and multiple grave threats against comedian and Television host Vhong Navarro in January 2014. he was then apprehended along with his accomplices and accessories of the crime.

Cedric Lee was also involved in an anomalous Mariveles Public Market Project in Bataan Province for unlawfully releasing 37 million funds. The project was then never materialized. He was also tagged by the Securities and Exchange Commission for his application of other large projects with questionable assets and liabilities.

Vina Moralles is a television host, singer, and actress in the Philippines. She is the older sister of Shaina Magdayao, which is another heavyweight celebrity.

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