Benguet province in the Philippines will soon have another attraction for at least two to three years from now. This is due to the installation of a new species of tree that will soon create another landscape for the province. Benguet, including Baguio City, will soon boast another reason for both local and foreign tourist to enjoy visiting the area on a more frequent basis. Cherry blossom installation will transform Benguet into a highly attractive province in the Philippines.

Cherry blossoms will now be a future attraction in Benguet. This was made in cooperation with the Kochi prefecture authorities in Japan. The initiative was made under the efforts of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) in cooperation with the province of Benguet. Representatives from Kochi prefecture organized a tree planting event in Barangay Paoay, Atok, Benguet along with governor Nestor B. Fongwan to plant at least 34 seedlings. One seedling has been planted in Mankayan Benguet Province.
Cherry Blossoms, a new attraction in the Province of Benguet soon
The seedlings will soon be a future attraction when the first flowers will bloom after two to three years. Residents in areas where the trees were planted will be the first to witness the full blossom of these flowering plants in their place. The government of the province of Benguet is excited to wait for the moment when the new attraction will be in full bloom after the first flowers start to appear and will blanket the area with cherry blossom petals.

Paoay, Atok Benguet will now have a new part called as Sakura Park. This is termed as "Cherry Blossom" Park. The province of Benguet is very thankful for Japan's initiative for sharing their culture for utilizing the environment as a new tourist attraction. Harnessing our environment as a form of tourism is a new way of allowing humans to interact with the environment through tourism campaign.

The trees will soon be cultured by the Benguet province's agriculture division to conduct tissue culture for the reproduction of cherry blossom trees. If the research and development plan becomes successful for the reproduction of new cherry blossoms, there will be new parts of Benguet that will also installed with Cherry blossom trees. These are La Trinidad, Baguio, Buguias, Tublay, Bakun, Kibungan, Kabayan, Bokod, and in the City of Baguio. Cherry blossom production can be also set to Mountain Province and other cooler provinces in northern Luzon.

Authorities are now planning to install cherry blossoms in public parks and other visible places across the Province of Benguet and probably in Mountain Province.

Installation of cherry blossoms in Public Parks, highways, and along the premises of government structures are also being eyed to improve the ambiance as well as to improve the local industry.

Notable places that can be installed with cherry blossoms are the Halsema Highway, Burnham Park, Tabanda Park, and other prominent places in the province.

Cherry blossom is a flowering tree under Prunus genus. The most famous variety of cherry blossoms is the Sakura, which is the Japanese cherry under Prunus serrulata genus. The origin of cherry blossom is believed to be from the Himalaya region. This tree variety is widely distributed across the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere in particular to China, Korean Peninsula, Japan, Mongolia, Europe, Southern Siberia, India, United States, Canada, Mexico, and in IndoChina Peninsula. The trees are also found in the highlands of the tropics where the climate is cool enough for the trees to survive.

Cherry blossoms are mainly used as ornamental trees due to its attractive flowering plants. One good example is how the Japanese maximized its tourism campaign for utilizing Cherry blossom as the country's national symbols. Flowering plants of this tree variety comes once in a year. The flowers bloom during the spring break right after the process of hibernation.

There are edible varieties of cherry blossom trees. These are the Prunus cerasus and Prunus avium varieties. They are cultivated and cultured to produce edible products that can be used as a product for human consumption.

Cherry blossoms are cousins of apples, pears, roses, almond peach, apricots, and plum fruits.

The province of Benguet is situated in the Central Cordillera Highlands of northern Luzon in the Philippine archipelago.

Benguet is a landlocked province with an average elevation of 1,500 meters above sea level. The climate of the province is the coolest in the country, with an average temperature of between 12 to 24 degrees celsius.

The province is a favorite tourist destination for both local and foreign travelers to enjoy its cool climate. Most tourists come to visit the place during the dry season between December until May with an average of more than 2 million local visits annually.

Installation of cherry blossom can further boost the tourism industry in the province as well as nearby provinces.

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