Do you remember Barbie Ann Reilley, which was a former contestant from a famous transgender pageant? This article will regret to inform your that she is already gone in this world. She was found dead while being stuffed inside a suitcase. This former beauty queen, a veteran from various transgender and gay pageants will no longer be seen from various pageants in the future due to her tragic incident.

Barbie Ann Riley's body was found along the grass meadows of CAVITEX or Cavite Expressway, which connects Metro Manila to Southern Luzon. Her body was placed in a fetal position inside a suitcase that was left along the highway that was found on Saturday. The suitcase was found by a scavenger (garbage scavenging people) while navigating along the highway. The scavenger noticed that the suitcase was heavy. When it was opened, the scavenger was shocked when a body that was slightly covered in blood comes out from the suitcase. The scavenger immediately alerted the authorities after the discovery of the bag. Warning: Graphic image
Barbie ann Reilley
The victim is identified as Robert William Del Rosario, a 23-year-old transgender who was seen from various gay or transgender pageant shows across the Philippines. The victim is known under the name of Barbie Ann Riley or Ashley Reilley, which is her alias that has been used on various pageants. She is a native of Pampanga province.

Authorities were quick to respond to the scene of the crime and secured the area to prevent onlookers from contaminating the evidence. The SOCO (Scene of the Crime Operatives) initiated the investigation in coordination with the police departments operating in the area of the scene. The body was then retrieved by the investigating panel and police personnel for further crime scene examination.

Upon examining the body of the victims, the authorities have confirmed that the there is a deep stab wound at the back of the neck. The wound was responsible for cutting the major arteries of the victim's leading to its demise. The victim's main cause of death was a severe trauma to the neck leading to a severe hemorrhage, which is responsible for the fresh blood spots seen on the victim's body as she was stuffed in a fetal position inside the suitcase.

Police authorities arrested the suspect responsible for the death of Barbie Ann Reilley. The suspect is identified as Tsai Che Yu who is using an alias under Jayson Santos Lee. He is a 25-year-old tenant at Unit 1154 of Tower D, Shell Residences, which is located in EDSA extension, Pasay City.

Barbie Ann Reilley with her boyrfiend and suspect Jayson Santos Lee

The suspect was arrested when he unsuspectingly returned to his own unit.

Upon investigation, police authorities learned that the crime was executed on Friday between 10 and 12 midnight.

CCTV footage showed that Barbie Ann and Jayson left the unit at 10:58 in the evening of June 3, 2016. They returned less than an hour at 11:40 in the evening.

As based on the blotter report, Noli Manlolo was in-charge of the condominium's security during that time was having a routine security inspection of the area. When he reached room 1154 on the 11th floor of the tower, the door was slightly opened.

Manlolo approached the door and knocked at least three times but still no response. Upon opening the door slightly, he noticed that there were blood stains on the floor and along the walls of the unit.

The footage also showed that Jayson was seen carrying a luggage, which is a suitcase along the corridor. It has been noticed that the suspect was having a hard time carrying the luggage.

The investigation revealed that the Jayson's motive behind the gruesome murder was due to Barbie Ann's constant begging for money on a repetitive basis. Jayson can no longer hold his patience that he decided to kill the victim.

The Police investigation also revealed that Jayson was the former boyfriend of Barbie Ann Reilley.

Barbie Ann Reilley as a contestant in Super Sireyna beauty pageant
Barbie Ann became known to many when she joined as one of the contestants of Super Sireyna, which was one of the program shows of Eat Bulaga, a noon-time variety show of GMA news network.

She is also known for joining and winning several big time transgender pageants across the country. Barbie generated numerous supporters and fans due to her barbie-type beauty and modelesque body.

After news broke out from various mass media networks, there are numerous outpours of support to the family and friends of Barbie Ann. Supporters and fans of Barbie Ann offered their condolences to the bereaved family, relatives, and friends of the victim.

The LGBT community has also waived their alliance with the family and relatives of Barbie Ann Reilly to seek for justice.

Families are now calling for justice for the killing of Barbie Ann Riley.

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