Former contestant of Voice and now a singing artist Christina Grimmie is now in critical condition after she was shot by an unidentified man in a gig in Orlando Florida. She was rushed to a nearby hospital to immediately endorse her medical condition to the health care personnel to prevent any complications brought about by the tragic incident. The incident happened while the singer is busy signing autographs with her followers and fans

A man reportedly approached her while she was busy signing the autographs. The stranger later open fired towards her, causing a rampage in the area of the incident. It was not clear how many shots reached Christina during the incident. But the shot already caused a significant harm to her health as well as with her life while she was on that gig. This is the worst nightmare that any singer could expect while they are facing tens of thousands of crowd while doing what they love, which is to sing and share their musical passion to the audiences.
Christina Grimmie
Christina Grimmie was with her brother while she was busy signing the autographs as well as selling some merchandise items for the gig's cause. Witnesses at least heard five shots from the man. Mark Aguilera immediately went into the gunman and then helped to control the situation until the police arrived on the scene. Witnesses also helped control the situation by individually calling for emergency services such as ambulance, paramedics, bomb squad, and police authorities in order to further control the situation.

The suspect was seen to have shot himself when people started approaching the gunman. However, the gunman already caused harm to Christina Grimmie that immediately sent her into the nearest medical institution. It is not clear if there are other people who were also hurt from the incident since the gunman open fired his gun to several points in the scene.

Authorities are also investigating the issue to identify the motive for the attack. This is to carefully analyze if the attack was either meant for the singing artist, or a terrorist attack, which is now a common scenario in the United States after several scenes are reported by the authorities on a weekly basis.

The incident caused a social media attention in various social media websites. Netizens are now starting to trend the hashtag "#prayforchristina" that has more than tens of thousands of retweets  and likes. People are now starting to pour their support and prayers for the singer and songwriter for her speedy recovery after the bloody incident in Orlando.

Gun violence is one of the most feared incidents in the United States. This is brought about by the lack of implementation on gun restrictions that allow anyone to carry firearms. Suspects ranges from childhood to late adulthood, whom they were responsible for randomly firing their guns in the public. When gun violence occurs, it is always expected that there are multiple persons who will be affected by the scenario.

In the United States, gun violence is the most feared criminal activity because it is more rampant than terrorist attacks. Data shows that there are more than 500,000 cases of gun violence incidents from the past 10 years as compared to only less than 10,000 cases of terrorism in the country.

Christina Grimmie is a famous American songwriter, singer,and a YouTube sensation. She can be watched under the username zeldaxlove64. Grimmie is known for her contemporary flavor of music while singing in the Voice as well as in her YouTube videos.

Fans, supporters, and family members of Christina Grimmie are now hoping for her speedy recovery.

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