ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has just announced that they are waging a new war to a new country that is situated in Southeast Asia. This time, they are targeting the Philippines, which is thousands of kilometers away from its birthplace in the Middle East. The Philippine authorities are now concerned about the potential impacts of this terrorist group, which have already created a massive havoc across the Middle East for the past years.

The terrorist group delegated a new faction in Southeast Asia, which is believed by the group as the next promising place to expand their Islamic ideologies. The Philippines is chosen because ISIS was impressed by the merciless force of Abu Sayyaf. This is the only group that is intact and continuous to expand their reign of terror in the country. ISIS is now preparing for future attacks in the Philippines after the announcement via its social media network.
ISIS declares war in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

In the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf is the most successful terrorist group. It is responsible for propagating the worst terrorist incidents in the Philippines. Most Filipinos fear this terrorist group because they are the most merciless and barbaric than other remaining Islamist militants that are wandering all over the country. The group has been consistently gaining mass media attention due to their latest beheading of foreigners as well as local captives.

This is the reason why ISIS chosen the Philippines as the center of their Islamist caliphate in Southeast Asia. The reason behind is that Abu Sayyaf has been responsible for incinerating terrorist campaign in Maritime Southeast Asia, impressing the leaders of ISIS leaders who are based in the Middle East. ISIS believes that Abu Sayyaf replicated the terrorist prototype of ISIS militias in the Middle East, responsible for perpetrating coercion, intimidation, and violence against the affected communities.

ISIS members will be headed by Insilon Hapilon, which is the current leader of Abu Sayyaf group in the Philippines. Insilon Hapilon is also identified as Abu Abdullah, which pledged his allegiance to ISIS and believed to have trained in the Middle East to spread the ideologies of the caliphate in Southeast Asia. Insilon has been trained by the ISIS group in the Middle East, which previously traveled in Syria and Iraq to meet other leaders of the group.

The Philippines should seriously consider this warning as they are now being targeted by the strongest terrorist network in the world.

As ISIS loses its grip in the Middle East, they see the Philippines as the perfect place for the group to expand their terror network.

ISIS group continuous to give up their territories to Syria and Iraq brought about by the bombardment of international coalition to fight against terrorism.

The terrorist network is also losing its territorial grip in Libya, which is no longer a favorable place for them to maintain their power and influence in the region.

The ISIS terrorist group is now encouraging all islamist militants to go to the Philippines to have a unified terrorist network. The most probable area is by illegally reaching the country through the waters of Celebes and Sulu Sea from Malaysia and Indonesia. Islamist militants doesn't need to travel through plane because they can be accommodated by ISIS faction members who are equipped with boats to carry them from Indonesia or Malaysia towards Mindanao island in the Philipines.

Aside from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other nearby areas will be also terrorized by the terrorist group. These countries have a significant Muslim population, which is the perfect factor for the group to expand their territory in the region.

Southeast Asia have their own insurgency problems, the Philippines suffers from the threat of Abu Sayyaf, Kalifah Islamiyah Mindanao, Bangsamoro Freedom Fighters, and Maute Islamic group who pledged their allegiance to ISIS. Indonesia is also suffering from the onslaught of Jemaah Islamiyah group, Jemaah Anshar Khalifah, and other terrorist networks in Indonesia.

The Celebes Sea, Sulu Sea, and South China Sea is the most favorable areas where Islamist militants traverse and terrorize all communities situated in these waters.

Authorities warns residents in the Philippines to be more vigilant and report any suspicious activities to prevent any risk of harm.

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