Mount Bulusan volcano spews at a column of ash 2000 meters up into the air. This volcano continues to surprise seismologists and geologists in the Philippines due to its very intermittent nature that causes panic to the communities surrounding the volcano. The active volcano's ash plume is now expected to affect nearby villages surrounding the volcano. Casiguran, Sorsogon has been warned by the authorities to flee the area as the volcano is once again becoming more restive these past days. The volcano is one of the most restive in the Philippines, which is located in geologically active zones in the world.

The ash fall is now expected to blanket several homes and structures that are within the 10-kilometer from the perimeter of the volcano. The plume of ash can be visibly seen in broad daylight as the volcano spewed in the middle of the day that attracted the resident's attention while they take pictures of the volcano. It is always known that ash falls are composed of glass-like fragments that can easily destroy anything. When a person inhales the ash, their lungs could collapse and rupture due to the effect of the chemical particles brought about by the ash.
Bulusan volcano spewing ash
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology is now monitoring the condition of the volcano for possible future eruptions. The phreatic explosion happened at 11:35 am as of June 10, 2016. The agency is coordinating with the national defense department for the latest updates with regards to the restive condition of the active volcano in the area.

The agency is also measuring several volcanic quakes that may also cause another hazard to nearby villages. Phivolcs recorded at least 113 volcanic earthquakes for the past 24 hours. The agency expects that the number of volcanic quakes can continue as the condition of the volcano is now becoming more active during the past days.

The local government agencies warn residents that they should not be in the 4-kilometer permanent danger zone from the crater. This is due to the potential threats that can be caused by possible phreatic explosions that can be emitted by the active volcano in the area.

Residents are also warned to watch out for the potential health hazards caused by the ashfall caused by the volcano's phreatic explosion. It is advised that anyone near the perimeter of the volcano should stay indoors to prevent being exposed from the ash. People staying outdoors should wear a face mask to avoid inhaling ash particles that can destroy the alveoli of the lungs.

Mount Bulusan is the fourth active volcano in the Philippines. It is located at the southern tip of Bicol Region in particular to the southeastern tip of the Island of Luzon.

The volcano is a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire in Asia-Pacific region of the globe.

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