A woman fought her would be daughter's kidnapper gone viral over the internet. The woman successfully defended her daughter from the aggressive hands of her daughter's captor due to mental alertness and having the opportunity to secure the safety of her daughter. The mother aggressively used her strength to drive the captor away from her daughter, which is one of the worst-case-scenario that can happen beyond your control.

The Florida Police department released a surveillance video to the media that shows a lone man who tried to grab the child. As he was attempting to abduct the child, the mother immediately responded and also aggressively defending her daughter from the hands of the would-be captor. The girl was forcefully dragged by the captor as her mother hesitantly run after the man and pulled back her daughter.
Woman seen defending her daughter from a kidnapper
The incident happened In Dollar General in Citrus County. As based on the surveillance report, the man was seen shopping along with his cart. He suddenly stopped and seems to be thinking something suspicious. Seconds later, he slowly approached the girl who was seen shopping with her mother. The suspect then suddenly grabbed the girl's hand after it approached her at the corner of the retail outlet.

The would-be victim of a failed kidnap attempt is a 13-year-old little girl. Both the suspect and the mother went into a tug of war fight. But the thing is, the daughter is the main piece of the battle was between the suspect and the mother. This is an every girl's nightmare when she will be caught in the middle of a stranger who wants to take her away from her mother as her mother rescues her from the dangers of uncertainty.

The suspect became exhausted from the strong arms and energetic mother who did not fail to pull her daughter away from him. As he lost his grip to the little girl and eventually pulled off, he managed to flee from the incident. Luckily, a police officer happened to be present in the parking lot of the grocery store grabbed and apprehended the felon and then managed to put him in custody.

The suspect is identified as Craig Bonello, a 30-year-old caucasian male. Bonello is expected to face attempted kidnapping case of the 13-year-old girl and a physical abuse against both the girl and the mother. He is now scheduled to be arraigned on the 27th of June under the jurisdiction of Citrus County Courthouse.

Watch the video below

Bonello has already had previous felony charges wherein some are also pending in the courtroom.

The mother's bravery and relentless courage to battle against the suspect quickly went viral over the internet with numerous shares and likes.

Many viewers applauded with the mother's acts of courage to fearlessly defended her daughter in an attempted kidnap scenario. The mother shows how eternal love can be applied when you are dedicated raising a child by protecting their safety at all times.

Luckily, no employees were hurt during the scuffle between the mother and the suspect on broad daylight.

The store owner, as well as several employees on duty, was also lucky that no damages were observed after the incident.

As a safety fact, the mother is always applying her unconditional love for her daughter to give the best for her. This includes her safety, which is seen from the video where the mother relentlessly defended her child from an aggressive stranger.

Another safety fact is that the mother shows how she loves her child so much that she risked her life and safety just to secure her daughter. Notice that the mother is furious when her daughter was attempted to be taken by the kidnapper but failed.

In addition, being always alert is a fact that every mother must have to be aware of. There are always unnoticed vulnerabilities that can happen anytime. Dangers can happen without choosing any place where it could risk your safety.

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