Hilary Clinton is now a history maker as the first female presidential nominee as the official candidate for the Democratic Party in the United States. After a tight race with Bernie Sanders, voters finally made a choice for elevating Hilary Clinton to be the official representative for the Democratic Party to occupy the most powerful position of the United States of America. She will now have to plan for another strategic campaign to face Donald Trump

She is expected to face Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential elections that will be held later this year. Hilary Clinton will now expect to be bombarded with verbal attacks by Donald Trump as she will be coming face to face with the official representative of Republican Political Party in the United States elections. However, the problem is that Sanders still does not want to give up as he is still hoping for the next primaries that will be held in Washington DC and in Philadelphia.
Democratic Presidential nominee Hilary Clinton
Hilary Clinton's triumph was brought about by her win in the state of California's latest nomination. The state of California is the major and the last resort for Clinton and Sanders, which is the last remaining major state to determine who will be the chosen one to represent the Democratic Political Party. After the votes, Clinton emerged as the winner of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination after ballots have been cast.

Hilary Clinton leads almost 400,000 votes from the California primary. Although political critics were not convinced about the results, the mathematical results confirm that she is the rightful candidate that can make a significant success for Hilary's campaign. The long journey of Hilary's political campaign have finally paid her off and her political camp is very happy with the results of the latest presidential campaign for the Democratic Political Party nomination.

California is an important state for the presidential campaign runners. This is the largest state in the United States of America. Not only with the land area, the state is also has one of the richest population in the United States of America. Every candidate is always optimistic for this state because it will provide a significant number of population that would determine if they deserve to be the official nominee of their respective Political Parties.

After Hilary's historic presidential nomination for the Democratic Political Party, it is the end of the road for Bernie Sanders. He may have that formidable and patient fighting spirit but, the scores did not go according to his plans.

Hilary Clinton is now going to concentrate on her next challenge, which will be about her strategic campaign to woo voters to win against the representative of Representative of the Republican Presidential candidate.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is now expecting to formulate his political strategy to battle against the representative of the Democratic Party.

She is expected to decide who will be the rightful person to be nominated as her vice-president for the United States of America.

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