Once again, Thailand dominated the fourth cycle of Asia's next top model, emerging as the sole winner of the reality show series to gain the license on some of Asia's most prestigious modeling competition that was held in Singapore. Tawan Kedkong wins Asia's Next Top Model for the Cycle 4 of the most awaited reality fashion television series. She is now the brand ambassador for the TV reality show until next cycle of Asia's next top model. She is expected to flaunt international runway shows as well as featured in some of the most valuable fashion magazines around the world.

Thailand will now celebrate Tawan's win because she made another significant contribution to her country's hope to gain more modeling exposure to international agencies. The win will be generating more aspirants on hoping to become future international models that can represent some of the most extravagant and luxurious brands in the modeling industry. The win is comparable with a Thai contestant who just won an international beauty pageant.
Tawan Kedkong, winner of Asia's Next Top Model Season 4
Tawan bested 13 other delegates of the reality hit series, which gained the license to become one of the most valuable Asian models after winning the competition. She emerged as the dark horse during the final episode of the competition's fourth cycle because two of her competitors were always called as favorites due to high fashioned and very professional performances.

As a delegate from Thailand, Tawan is the first from the country to win the most coveted modeling competition that was held in Singapore. She is also the fourth winner from the intercontinental modeling competition to be exposed to several international fashion shows, runway shows, and to be featured in several magazine covers.

Miss Kedkong was not expecting herself to be the ultimate winner of the fourth cycle, making some fans and followers to be quite amazed by the announcement. The other two contestants were happy with the announcement, hoping for the best for Tawan to eventually be known internationally as one of the most promising models from Asia, and from Thailand.

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Tawan is a famous fashion model in Thailand. She appeared several magazine covers in Thailand, making her known by other fashion stylists and magazine editors. Prior to her career as a competitor of Asia's Next Top Model, she was exposed to several fashion events that

One of the strongest assets of Tawan is about her catwalk skills. She always shocks the judges about her ability to enhance her competitiveness by owning the runway. Each step shows off her unique style and aura, which easily captivates the audiences, fashion clients, and brand investors of a certain product that can embrace her modeling capability.

Her height always highlights her long legs to further define her posture whenever she poses in front of the camera or at the runway. By using her versatile beauty that can blend in any ambiance, she can surely adjust with any fashion genre that can be applied to her.

During the final judgment, Tawan was applauded from her impressive catwalk skills. What judges further appreciate is about her flawless last photo shoot, even if she was having a hard time maintaining her high fashion posing due to visible injuries incurred by the wardrobe. Her effort, versatility, and mystique-beauty are the perfect recipe for winning the title.

Runner-up contestants:

  • First Runner-up: Patricia Gunawan from Indonesia
  • Second Runner-up: San In Kim from South Korea
  • 4th place: Julian Flores from the Philippines
  • 5th place: Angela Watkins from Singapore
  • 6th place: Nuraini Noor from Malaysia
  • 7th place: That thet Aung from Myanmar

Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4 is a franchise of Tyra Bank's America's Next Top Model reality show. The show aims to search for a promising model to be featured in several international magazines and runway shows by well-known international brands.

As the winner of the show, Tawan is assured of Subaru automobile prize, a brand ambassador for Tresemme, will receive Maybelline accessories, 100,000 USD cash price, modeling contract, and several fashion magazine covers such as Harper's Bazar magazine, and many more opportunities in Singapore and around the world.

Contratulations, Tawan. The whole Thailand will be proud of you, including the host, Cindy Burberry, which is also a Thai-American fashion model and a former Miss Thailand World 1996.

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