Timothy Tan confirmed to the media that he and Sunshine Dizon are now officially over. This was days after Sunshine broke her silence to the media regarding the real score of their marital situation while being married for at least six years. He is saddened by the unfortunate failure of their relationship after six years, which is considered as a reply to Sunshine's statement to social media as well as other entertainment portals.

Days earlier, Sunshine Dizon posted a statement to her personal social media, stating her frustrations regarding a personal and sensitive issue. Sunshine's statement was pertaining to her family's involvement, addressing a certain person responsible for destroying their family's reputation. Her post from her personal social media account trended online, with shares, likes, and comments ballooned into tens of thousands. Netizens were saddened by the conclusion of Sunshine's marital relationship with Timothy Tan, especially for their two kids who will be directly affected by the situation.
Former couple Sunshine Dizon and Timothy Tan
Sunshine Dizon stated why did their relationship had a terrible end, this was because of the allegations of a third party. She reiterated that there are individuals who are terrible human beings who does terrible things to the person they love.  And as an understanding person, you will surface yourself from the sea of undesirable individuals who try to make things right. However, patients can always reach its full capacity that it could no longer hold on to all unpleasant situation that is already enough for you to fight for your right.

Sunshine's marriage with Timothy started to crack when the couple began a rocky relationship since the start of the year. Timothy is tried his best to resolve all the misunderstandings that they are going through with his wife. Both couple made everything that they could in order to attempt saving their relationship by facing challenges that could have been a promising stance to cure their differences with each other.

However, the couple finally made a decision to conclude their marital relationship and that the annulment will be warranted by both parties. Timothy promised that he will still be responsible for extending his paternal obligation to his children with Sunshine Dizon even though they can no longer save their marriage. Timothy Tan is asking for their marital situation to be kept in private as he is confident that they can settle it without the watchful eyes of the media as well as from the netizens over the internet.

Timothy now takes the advantage to apologize for all people and groups involved with their marital scuffle due to the result of their differences. Even though their marital problems are no longer repairable, he would try his best to compliment for all unpleasant circumstances affected their relationship with Sunshine Dizon.

Sunshine Dizon responded to the statement of Timothy Tan, citing that she decided to discredit his claim regarding their annulment warranty. She reiterated that she will no longer grant the father of their children with annulment that was previously agreed.

As the legal wife of Timothy Tan, she now reveals that the cause of their marital problems was due to the involvement of her husband with a third party. In addition, her husband was already having an affair with another person who also live in the same building where they are also residing.

Lastly, Sunshine is firm on her statement that due to the result of heartache and intense suffering that caused her emotional breakdown, there will be no forgiveness for whatever actions made by her husband. Thus, there will be no annulment that will be guaranteed for their marriage. Sunshine is decided to file a lawsuit against her husband and the alleged third party.

Sunshine Dizon is a local celebrity and commercial model in the Philippines. She started several soaps, movies, and sitcoms in her home country.

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