Most internationally known athletes surprises us with their luxurious lifestyle. Most accomplished athletes invested something significant that could ensure that they have a future ahead after they retire from boxing. One of the most luxurious investments is real estate properties because it will be a conducive place to live following a stressful sports environment. This is the place where athletes will be able to showcase the fruit of their labor after being exposed to numerous bouts.

Manny Pacquiao's Forbes mansion is just one of the things that an athlete should have to consider after retiring from their successful campaign in sports. This is where they will have to concentrate because life will never be the same after they decide to leave their passion in their respective sports campaign in both local and international audiences. Manny's mansion is a price that he deserves for successfully representing his country from international heavyweight champions around the world. The mansion is considered as a trophy that represents his long decades of triumph as one of the best fighters of Asia. The mansion symbolized Manny's athletic supremacy, indicating his well-deserved tangible return of investments from his hardships as a legendary boxer of all time.
Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao's Forbes Mansion with his family
The mansion of Manny Pacquiao in Forbes Park is one of the latest properties that he bought after a series of bouts that he had from the past couple of years. The mansion is believed to be worth at least $9 million, which is located in Forbes Park, the City of Makati, which is a highly urbanized metropolitan area in the Philippines. Visiting this mansion is a privilege because you are able to legally trespass some of the world's most iconic boxing superstar, which is rare for anyone who wants to experience what it is like to be in a place of a famous celebrity.

Manny Pacquiao's mansion will be his official residence because he is now a senator-elect of the country. Living in Makati will be a privilege for the outgoing congressman because it will be a more convenient way for him to accomplish his legal and ethical itineraries. This is because Manny Pacquiao will fulfill his new vision for being a role model to the society as a politician.

His fame and glory have been impeccable for his career. Even when he decided to shift his career, the power of luck, determination, and success has been responsible for consistently achieving his dreams as a successful legend as well as a new politician. He will be using the mansion as his official residence after serving as a congressman in his hometown in Sarangani province. He will now be succeeded by his brother who will be the next congressman in the province after taking oath on June 30, 2016.

Upon entering the mansion, you will notice that the mansion will greet visitors with their warm welcoming bible verse. As based on the book of Joshua 24:15, "But if you refuse to serve the Lord, then choose today whom you will serve. Would you prefer the Gods, your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates? or will it be the Gods of the Amorites in whose land you now live? But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord".

Pacquiao's mansion entrance

You will be welcomed by the lobby of the mansion that seems to appear that you are entering the lobby of a 5-star hotel. Take note, the lobby is just a portion of Pacquiao's mansion. On the other hand, Pacquiao's dining area is an extravagant place that takes you to a place where you are going to a fine dining restaurant. The dining area is only used for special or formal meetings with Pacquiao's valuable guests.

The lobby and dining area
As a politician, Pacquiao has designed a private office so he can work from home to continue his duties and responsibilities as a Philippine Senator. His personal office space at home's size seems to appear larger than his official senate office in the House of Senate. This is where his personal assistants will visit him to discuss and attend whatever legal purposes they will have to accomplish.

Personal office of Manny Pacquiao as a Senator
When Manny together with his family and relatives becomes bored, they prefer to spend their leisure time watching their favorite television shows and movies at their personal movie house. This room is believed to be the favorite place for Manny's wife to spend time watching her favorite shows and movies.

Personal movie room of Manny's mansion
One of the most interesting parts of the mansion is the pool areas. The outdoor pool allows any member of Pacquiao's family to refresh themselves while challenging the hot and humid climate of Manila. The outdoor pool has a jacuzzi where you can refresh yourself by the hot bubbling waters. If any members of the Pacquiao family prefers to splash their body without being touched by the hands of the sun, they can prefer the indoor pool.

Indoor and Outdoor pools

Manila is situated in a tropical archipelago. This means that the place is always hot and humid. The climate can always make you sweat all the time. Manny decided to create two pools to provide a more relaxing way to temporarily escape from the heat of the sun and tropical climate.

This is it. These are just some of the highlights of Manny Pacquiao's Mansion. The mansion symbolizes faith and determination for everyone who will try to use their passion as their passport to success.

"Being successful is not always what you dream, this is what you will earn by using your passion in order to become inspirational to others".

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