Is it a fact or just plain speculations? A rumor is now circulating online regarding Miss World 2013 Megan Young's participation with the next season of Asia's Next Top Model. So what if Megan Young will be indeed the next host in one of the most awaited television show that will be aired on Star World?

Asia's Next Top Model franchise has been observed to be experimenting with their show's versatility to the audiences. For every season, there are new hosts, new creative directors, and new sponsors to make the show more unique, creative, sophisticated, and as a loving show. For this upcoming season 5 of the show, there will be another flavor that can be integrated with the show. There are speculations that a new famous host will be the anchor for the next season of Asia's Next Top Model, which will be aired on the second half of the current year.
Miss World 2015 Megan Young
This means that the next season is truly exciting because there will be new surprises that audiences will love watching the reality show. Contestants will truly enjoy being with the new host because she can share more about her experience as a well-known role model to the public. It is unsure if the show will also retain its creative directors, judges, and photographers of the reality show.

Asia's Next Top Model may seem to market pageant fanatics all over Asia and beyond if they indeed confirm that Megan Young will be the next host. There are millions of pageant followers and consistent supporters of every pageant, making it a good market strategy for the reality show to expand their viewers.

What will happen if Megan Young will be the host for the season 5 of Asia's Next top model? The television show will possibly generate millions of audiences in addition to its existing audience all over Asia as well as from other continents around the world. This will make the show to be an asset for Star World because it will create consistent followers as well as generating a positive rating for the network.

Why Megan Young can be chosen? First of all, she has millions of followers anywhere around the world. As a former Miss World who won the title in 2013, she generated an outpouring support from her countrymen and other Asian followers who were mesmerized by her unique beauty as well as the charm to the public.

Megan Young is a highly efficient public speaker, essential for facing all types of crowds at any walks of life. She can easily gain sympathy and empathy from her supporters, which is an important asset to create an effective interpersonal relationship with the audience.

She is a television personality in the Philippines. Megan was already a well-known actress before winning the first Miss World crown for her country and first in Southeast Asia.

Her inclusion with the next season of Asia's Next Top Model will be a breakthrough between the modeling world and the pageantry world.

The reality hit series has not yet commented on the speculations. But it will no longer be a surprise if she will be indeed, the next host of AsNTM Season 5.

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