Back in 2002, there is a woman who made history for Russian pageantry. Since her historic win, Russia is now slowly becoming a powerhouse in the field of beauty pageantry. After clinching the first-ever crown for her country, she quickly gained popularity across the world due to her unique beauty. Oxana is considered one of the most beautiful Miss Universe winners due to her strong facial aura that is extraordinary among fashion and pageant enthusiasts.

But just after months after her victory, Oxana was dethroned by the Miss Universe Organization. The MUO indicated through their public statement that Oxana was unable to fulfill her duties as Miss Universe. Since this announcement, she gained another round of media attention all over the world but, in a negative manner. Her short-lived fame unleashed negative reaction across the world. This is mainly because she was accused of undisclosing some of her personal profile that was found out by some members of the investigating panel of Miss Universe Organization.
Miss Universe 2002 Oxana Fedorova
Oxana Fedorova was then replaced by Justin Pasek of Panama, which was Oxana's first runner-up during the conclusion of the Miss Universe 2002 edition. She was officially recognized to be the winner of the Miss Universe 2002, which was responsible for continuing the legacy of Miss Universe until the next winner was crowned in 2003. Oxana moved on with her fate as being the first Russian to be also dethroned from her title as Miss Universe.

Although Justin Pasek was honored to be passed with the crown to replace Oxana, she still humbly considers herself as the first runner-up. She continued Oxana's duties since Oxana is no longer eligible to continue her responsibilities as the ambassadress of the organization. Justin managed to attend several social and formal events as scheduled by the Miss Universe organization. She participated several humanitarian proceeds as well as participating in various local and international pageants.

Are you wondering where is Oxana Fedorova now? It is already more than a decade ago since she captivated the world with her stunning beauty and performance during the 2002 Miss Universe. Since the beginning of the 21st century's second decade, there were a few updates that have been focusing towards her in international discussions, events, and causes.

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Where is former Miss Universe 2002 Oxana Federova now?
Oxana is now a television personality in Russia. She is now well-known Russian celebrity in her home country after winning Miss Universe. Even if she was dethroned, her charm and influence attracted numerous brands that made her as their brand endorser, making her further famous and reached her celebrity status in Russia and other parts of Europe. Today, she is a Russian television presenter, who is now seen hosting several local and national events across Russia.

Gorgeous TV personality Oxana Fedorova
As a celebrity, Oxana is also happily married with Andrey Borodin, which is the vice-president of the Boxing Federation of Russia as well as an officer for the Presidential Administration of Russia's one of the main officers. This means that Oxana will have a huge possibility that she will be one of the future of Russia's most prominent political clan. This is because her husband is doing his service well for the Kremlin government, which could make him to be a soon prominent politician for the Russian Federation.

Both Andrey Mikhaylovich Borodin and Oxana Fedorova married in 2011. The couple now has two children. Their first child is Fyodor Fedorova Borodin who was born on March 6 of 2012. The second child is Elizaveta Fedorova Borodin who was born on July 22, 2013. Both children of Oxana and Andrey was born in Russia's capital Moscow, which is also their current resident.

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Oxana Fedorova and Andrey Borodin with their children

Early life and pageant career

Oxana Fedorova was a police officer. She was an inspector for six months in Pskov militia after obtaining a police academy degree with a red diploma accompanied by flying colors.

After her graduation, Oxana lived in St. Petersburg to advance her career at the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs University. She was hired as an investigator at Pulkovo Transport Police. She was a working student during that time.

Oxana eventually graduated at MVD University with a gold medal. She further accelerated her educational degree by enrolling in the same university's graduate program.

Oxana Fedorova as an inspector and a local beauty queen
She successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation that is entitled as "Regulation of Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation". After obtaining her doctor's degree, she began teaching Civil law subjects to the younger generation.

Prior to joining Miss Universe, Oxana initially joined a local pageant in St. Petersburg. She eventually won the pageant. As she observed that she has a great potential and future for beauty pageants, she also joined other pageants and also won Miss Fitness, Miss Kalokagathia, and Miss Fortune.

Oxana Fedorova, Miss Russia 2001
In 2001, She won as Miss Russia 2001 that gained her a license to participate and compete the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in Puerto Rico. However, she declined for personal reasons and made her 1st runner-up to represent Russia during the pageant. Oxana Kalandyrets made it to the semi-finalist round.

In 2002, Oxana eventually represented Russia during the 2002 edition of Miss Universe. She scored very well during the swimsuit and gown competition. She then was the first Russian to ever win the Miss Universe crown. Puerto Rico came in second as first runner-up while China was the 2nd runner-up.

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