Everyday, we receive anonymous messages that are usually from our service provider networks. These are messages that contains any updates regarding our subscription that we always receive on day to day basis. Some are just friendly reminders, but there are some texts messages that are obviously giving us some uncomfortable vibes because it is always reminding us to settle our bills on time to prevent any delay with the services.

However, we seldom receive messages that are really suspicious, due to the nature of the message being contained in a certain text message. We usually ignore messages that were sent from our service provider. But then, we might not notice that there are messages that order us to settle any amount that are claiming to prevent any problems associated with our account. If we try to analyze the message, it is simply asking a value, which require us to pay for something that we did not avail it.
Text scam is rampant that we receive it on everyday basis
So what is a text scam? This is a type of scam that victimizes individuals through the use of text messaging. Culprits will text anonymous users and will try to indirectly extort users by sending an amount. This may be in a form of either text load, or by requesting any victim to send money. This type of scam is simple and easily gets ignored by users. However, there are users who are victimized by this simple scamming technique in order to gain monetary value from the victims.

Text scam started when text messaging became a new mode of communication for every users around the world. This is the new avenue for scammers to recreate their way of luring victims under their control. Text scammers analyzes and studies all new pathways to ensure that they can take advantage to all possible networks where they can gain monetary value from their victims. In this way, scammers creates a unique style of extorting money from any unsuspecting subscribers to become their potential victims.

Scammers are thankful for using texts as a new avenue for them to scam cellular phone subscribers from around the world. This mode of scamming technique is more convenient because it does not require anything that would reveal their identity just to ensure that their criminal activity materializes any time. They can establish their scamming techniques whenever they can and whatever time for as long as there are potential clients who can be their victims.

5 safety facts to protect yourself from text scams

1. Always read the content of the text: If you are clever enough, you should always understand the content of the text being sent to you. You should learn how to properly understand the message being sent to you in order to know the real purpose of the text that you are receiving. There is nothing wrong when you read all texts being sent to you so that you will determine if the text message is unusual that you receive every day.

2. Check the source of the text: It is important to check the source of the message that is sending you reminders at any time. Checking the source will let you know if there are anomalies that could be lingering on the message that is requesting anything for you to become their potential victims. Most victims fell prey because they are not checking the source of the text. Scammers can be detected if the source of the text comes from a private number, which is different from the usual code or service provider name that appears in the inbox.

3. Scammers always extort money: Text message is an easy portal for every criminal offender to solicit their victims. They always represent false groups or individuals who are trying to ask something in order to raise funds for bogus orphanage or causes. If you happen to encounter these practices through your inbox, you might as well being persuaded into extortion by criminal individuals or groups.

4. Pretend to be your family member or relative: A scammer always find a way to penetrate your conscience by pretending as your family member. They sent a text message, indicating that your relative is in the hospital due to a sudden accident and they need an emergent fund in order to pay for hospital bills. This is the most efficient way to drive your emotions in order to give your money to these criminal offenders.

5. You won 1 million even without joining a raffle: Scammers will send a text message, indicating that you just won an electronic raffle draw. The main issue here is that you did not join any raffle, which makes you think twice about the text message. At the end of the message, you are urged to call the number to be guided with the instructions on how to claim your prize. However, if you won something, you should be the one who will be called and not you who will call the number because they will just extort you load, money, or any transaction request that will now start scamming you.

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