At the start of the second decade of the 21st century, the Philippines started to gain popularity in the world of beauty pageantry. In almost every pageant around the globe, Filipinas never fail to penetrate the semi-final round. Filipina candidates never fail to amaze their countrymen by coming home, carrying the most coveted crown from their respective international competitions from around the world. This is the reason why foreign countries are now considering pageant contestants from the Philippines to be the girl to beat in every international beauty pageant competitions.

But before the start of the 21st century, the Philippine sash was a nobody in the field of beauty pageantry. The country was struggling to produce beauty queens that can become an ambassadress in order to let their country be known to the world. The Philippines has a very weak sash way back then, creating frustrations to their countrymen. In every pageant, the Philippines always fail to make it to the semi-finalist round, fading hopes to produce another set of beauty queens.
Miss Universe 2010 fourth runner-up Maria Venus Raj

But things have changed in 2010. It was another decade where the Philippines expected similar set-up in the world of beauty pageantry. Every pageantry, there were still hopes wherein Filipinos were still trying to pray for a candidate that will change the face of Philippine pageantry. Each Filipinos were rooting for their favorite candidate in order to return the favor for a country that is crazy for local and international pageantry.

During the Binibining Pilipinas 2010 coronation night, a new woman made headlines in local pageantry industry. This is no other than Maria Venus Raj. But during that pageant, she was considered a pageant veteran but was unaware that Binibining Pilipinas 2010 will be her ticket to stardom. Not known to many, Maria Venus Raj is actually the answer to everyone's prayers because she surprised every judge by bringing back the glory of the Philippines in the world of beauty pageants.

After winning the license to represent the Philippines in Miss Universe 2010, Maria Venus Raj made headlines as she was dethroned from the pageant due to inconsistencies with her birth certificate. There were some problems in relation to the place of birth against the statements declared to her application when applying as a Binibining Pilipinas candidate. Local media started following her because, after 10 years, another winner was stripped off from her crown during that time. Venus Raj fought for her right and eventually reinstated as the rightful candidate to represent the Philippines in Miss Universe.

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Why Fans are now Blaming Maria Venus Raj?

Pageant critics and analyzers started to study the potentials of Maria Venus Raj. One of the most prominent skills that she can carry-out is her catwalk skills. Her posture is very modelesque, which is formidable that she possesses in order to gain more attention to international pageant fanatics and critics. The way she projects herself in front of the stage makes her presence being felt when audiences will try to watch how she exudes her confidence in front of the crowd.

When Miss Universe 2010 kicked off in Las Vegas, Maria Venus Raj was invited to numerous television guesting together with other contestants from the pageant. She is clearly one of the favorite candidate handpicked by investors, media, and businesses who want to let her endorse several products and programs. This is a privilege that a candidate must have to maximize to further bring more exposure to the pageant.

During the coronation night, it was the moment where top semi-finalist will continue their chances to clinch the Miss Universe crown. It was the last spot where everyone was deeply praying and hoping that a miracle could happen. Misses Venezuela and USA was not yet called, fading hopes for Maria Venus Raj to penetrate the last spot. Eventually, the host verbalized the country, "Philippines" as the last delegate to fill the semi-finalist spot. Everyone became erratic as they loudly cheer Venus Raj, further attracting the attention of audiences, judges, and the host of the pageant.

Fast track to the final question, Maria Venus Raj made another unforgettable moment due to her answer to the question. When asked if given the chance if there is anything that she can change her past, her answer was there should be nothing about her past because it is what makes her who she is and there is no "major major" change that she will do to alter her life's pace.

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Maria Venus Raj was eventually called first as Miss Universe 2010 Fourth runner-up. Even if she placed in that position, she is still happy for placing a major position that made her country proud of her. Her skill, confidence, and overall performance returned the Philippines to be on track to international beauty pageant competition.

When Venus returned back home, she shared tips, experiences, and other relevant pageant advice that helped beauty camps in the Philippines. This is to improve training and workshops for local beauty pageant camps in the Philippines to send top caliber contestants to international competitions around the world.

Maria Venus Raj helped future contestants to become more inspired and hopeful to place in international beauty pageant competitions. Following her placement, Shamcey Supsup became Miss Universe 2011 third runner-up. Janine Tugonon almost clinched the title in Miss Universe 2012 being the first runner-up.

The Philippines eventually claimed several international beauty pageant titles in 2013 when Megan Young became the first woman in the Philippines to win Miss World. Bea Rose Santiago also became the 5th woman to win Miss International for the Philippines. In 2014, Jamie Herrell won Miss Earth 2014, followed by Miss Angelia Ong as Miss Earth 2015.

In 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach won Miss Universe 2015, the third woman to win the pageant for the Philippines.

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