What will you do if you don't expect something to be compared to another person. This happens when you are going to experience people saying that you look similarly with that person because of your facial features. You will experience that your friends, family, workmates, and strangers to always say that you look like somebody else. You might consider being happy about it. But there are times that you start thinking that comparison is already enough for you to start feeling uncomfortable because you always receive the same comments and reactions from all kinds of people you meet.

Some people are wondering about the circulating photo of a man working in an office if he is the brother of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. His features resemble similarly with that of President Rodrigo Duterte. The man's photo is now circulating on various social media websites, speculating everything that they know all about his relationship with the president. It is obvious that it is a different person with just some similarities with the president's facial features as seen from various uploaded photos.
Cresencio Estremos on the left, President Rodrigo Duterte at the right
Meet Cresencio Estremos, he is a revenue collection officer III at the municipal hall of Manticao town in Misamis Oriental. The photo was taken by her workmates who wants to express their thoughts on social media. Cresencio's photo was then uploaded by his workmates and soon became viral on various social media accounts.

By looking at the photo, the features are very similar. His haircut makes him look similarly alike with the Philippine President. The eyes resemble perfectly with Rodrigo Duterte. What is exciting is that his nose matches perfectly with the president. His thin lined lips are also similar with that of the president when you look at it. Cresencio's facial shape is also similar. What a perfectly matched facial feature that is very comparable with the president.

Another interesting fact is about the way he moves. His mannerisms are also very similar to the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. The way he places his hands on his face is a natural mannerism that you can also see to the Philippine President. No wonder that his officemates call him as Duterte because they believe that he is the replica of the incumbent president of the Republic of the Philippines. Netizens start to agree with the similarities because from what they see, Cresencio naturally embodies the president from his actions and appearance.

Numerous comments appeared in social media regarding his resemblance to the president. Some are saying that he is the lost brother of Rodrigo Duterte. There are other who commented that he is the long-lost twin brother. But there are also others who mentioned that the image was photoshopped.

Several local media went to the town hall of Manticao in Misamis Oriental. However, Cresencio Estremos denied all media interviews due to fear that being exposed to media will make strangers to mistakenly identify him as the President. He feels that his life might be in danger because he believes that there are numerous assassination plots against the president.

The mayor of Manticao mentioned that he had spoken with Cresencio and assured that he should not be afraid of being exposed to the public. He should be blessed that there are people who appreciate the way he is without doing anything wrong.

Cresencio is expected to become a sensation not only to his workmates but across the Philippines.

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