Miss Universe Russia 2014 Yulia Alipova invited her batchmates, former Miss Universe 2014 representatives to attend her birthday in Italy. It was a privilege for invited ladies to attend an event hosted and organized by their fellow candidates. Several delegates of Miss Universe 2014 booked their trips from their respective countries to Italy and meet the celebrant who also invited them to attend one of the rarest events in the history of Miss Universe.

It was a rare occasion that one of the contestants of a famous beauty pageant in the universe organized a reunion. The idea is considered perfect, given the opportunity that the candidates can start engaging a longer lasting relationship not just as pageant contestants, but as group buddies that will always treasure some of their best quality time with each other. Although the number of invited guests failed to attend the event, at least, all participants never manage to waste their time and effort being with each other in one of the most romantic places in the world.
Miss Universe 2014 delegate reunion in Italy as organized by Yulia Alipova, Miss Russia 2014
Thanks to Miss Universe Russia 2014 Yulia Alipova, who gained the license to represent her country in Miss World 2014 suddenly assigned her to represent the country in Miss Universe 2014. Yulia Alipova already made waves during the Miss Universe 2014 pageant when she started to reveal that some of her handpicked wardrobes are worth $5million each, which has the most expensive wardrobe than any candidate in the pageant.

Yulia Alipova was listed as one of the top favorite to penetrate the semi-finals round in the Miss Universe 2014. But during the coronation night, her country was not called on stage that should have continued their country's placement in the most anticipated pageant in the universe. So she went back home empty handed. However, she is still happy to be a part of the pageant and being proud to represent her country in one of the previous events in the world.

Despite from her exclusion from the top 15 semi-finalists, Yulia still humbly invited other contestants who may wish to celebrate her birthday in Italy. Yulia is hosting the event as part of her birthday celebration. Lucky candidates will have another chance to enjoy being with other candidates, just like reminiscing their 2014 experience during the pageant in Las Vega, Nevada. This will be another chance for the ladies to meet and greet with each other while they are in Italy with the birthday celebrant.

Some invited ladies that are always visible from the photographs were Misses Indonesia, Ukraine, Serbia, USA, Philippines, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Lithuania, Belgium, Panama, South Africa, Austria, Kenya, Bahamas, Curacao, Great Britain, Switzerland, and many others.

The lucky ladies were offered with numerous amenities that are all under the courtesy of Miss Yulia. These include hotel accommodations, resort vacations, renting several yachts for the girls to have some fun, and numerous formal events.

Girls will have the chance to meet some dignitaries invited by Yulia in some formal events to know more about her batchmates. Girls visibly post their photos on their personal social media accounts and fan page accounts to let fans from all over the world what it is like to be a friend of Yulia Alipova.

After a short vacation in Italy, the girls were flown by Yulia to Switzerland for another series of vacations, leisure time, and to bond with the girls.

The extravagant lifestyle of Yulia Alipova obviously reflects her social status as one of the elite candidates of Miss Universe 2014. She is one of the heiresses of her family business' petroleum company, which is one of the largest operating in Russia.

Yulia was also reported as the official donor of former Miss Kazakhstan's brand new car during her wedding in her hometown.

Moving on to her background, Yulia Alipova is a model and a beauty queen for gaining the license to represent Russia in Miss Universe 2014 pageant.

She is a cum laude graduate of a biochemical engineering course. Yulia works as a heat engineer in mosenergo electric company in Russia.

Yulia is also planning to let the girls visit her hometown in Russia and extend her birthday party with the girls. The previous candidates will have the chance to meet Yulia's family, relatives, and friends when they get to visit her home.

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