Leila De Lima is now regarded as the most sought female political personality in the Philippines. This comes after her name has been always tagged by several news agencies. Leila De Lima is also the subject of conversation to a variety of social media forums, indicating her past and future image to the public. Whenever you surf news or discussions on the internet, you can always find her name and photos being displayed everywhere.

You will soon become curious about this woman because she has been the subject of several controversies surrounding the Philippine political arena. As a personality, her name has been tagged by several individuals, groups, and organizations regarding her image as a politician. You will notice that there were already personalized attacks that are now penetrating against her image by enraged individuals and groups who wants to take her down. In this sense, Leila De Lima is regarded as the most controversial woman in the Philippines as of this day.
Philippine Senator Leila De Lima, facing numerous controversies under the Duterte administration
Leila De Lima is a lawyer and was currently elected as one of the Philippine Senators. She has been serving the Philippine government for several years. She was the Chairman of the commission of Human Rights appointed by former president Gloria Arroyo. She was also the preceding Secretary of the Department of Justice in the Executory branch of the Philippines.

In the recent days, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte tagged Leila De Lima with several controversies and anomalies. One of these includes her involvement with the protection of high-profile detained inmates. She was also publicly shamed for having a romantic affair with her personal driver who has been involved with the illegal possession and distribution of prohibited substances that are responsible for staining her political image.

As for her response from the recent public statements against her, she denied any accusations that were pointing against her. Leila claims that several public statements were considered as an ultimate profile sabotage against her image. She is willing to undergo a proper due process to prove to the public and to the Philippine government that all accusations were just a fabrication. De Lima is now urging her supporters to pray for all the challenges that are now hampering her identity as there were more accusations that can be filed or publicly exposed to destroy her image.

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10 Interesting reasons why Leila De Lima is the most controversial woman in the Philippines

1. A protector of syndicate leaders and Lords: Leila De Lima has been tagged by the president as one of the protectors of high-profile detainees responsible for circulating prohibited substances. She has been allegedly protecting all the leaders of syndicates, which was the reason why these high-profile law-breakers were able to live a luxurious lifestyle even if they are inside the prison facility in the Philippines.

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2. Detaining other senators: De Lima was responsible for ordering warrants against other senators of the Philippines while she was the Secretary of Justice. These senators were granted bail and now firing back against De Lima's treatment against the involved personalities. And now, these affected senators are now siding with the current president, citing that her strategic implementation of due process was inaccurate enough that have had successfully destroyed their political and personal image.

3. Against Rodrigo Duterte's ideologies: De Lima has been known to be the most outspoken public official who voiced out against Duterte's disciplinary campaign against criminals. This is based on her appointment as the former head of the Commission on Human Rights. As an advocate against human rights abuse, she strongly disagrees with the implementation of capital punishment against criminal offenders who were guilty of a criminal act.

4. De Lima is an ally of Aquino government: Leila was one of the pillars of Aquino's administration, being the former head of the justice department. After the election, in which a new president has been elected with a new platform of governance, there has been a huge shift of support due to an immense amount of infatuation towards the leadership of the incumbent president. Most hated the Aquino administration due to incompetencies and inconsistencies with the due process. And now, De Lima is suffering from consequences of an unsolved due process during the Aquino administration.

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5. The alleged love affair with the driver: There were numerous speculations regarding De Lima's real score with her driver. However, both De Lima and her driver denied allegations of having a romantic relationship since De Lima has her own family and the same with her driver. This personal issue involving these two individuals is now the subject of memes circulating across the internet.

6. De Lima's driver is involved with illegal substance trade: Another speculation was about the involvement of De Lima's driver with the distribution, trade, and use of illegal substance. Her driver is one of the collectors of either illegal substances or illegal substance money generated from the trade of these prohibited items in the Bilibid located in Muntinlupa City. He is the alleged collector and is now planned by the president to turn as a witness against De Lima.

7. Unexplained wealth allegations: Another issue is now being tagged with De Lima's driver. This is about the unexplained properties being constructed in Pangasinan. These are two houses that were believed to be the residence of De Lima's driver. The property appears to be properly designed and constructed in a manner that it appears to be owned by either middle income or upper-income household. A driver clearly cannot own two houses with a wage that is only enough to buy basic needs for his family.

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8. Collision with the Arroyo family: De Lima was also responsible for helping the Aquino administration for detaining former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. This made the Arroyo family hurt to the deepest extent that they now show obvious signs of ridicule against Leila De Lima. As she was tagged in several controversies by the president himself, she was told by the Arroyos to feel the pressure of Karma.

9. She is the subject of online cyberbullying: Let's face it!!! Cyberbullying is the process of shaming and defaming an individual, group, or organization online. She is the perfect example, which has been the center of memes that we usually see online. Being the center of discussion generates emotional influence to the netizens that can make them irate against De Lima. Online shaming is one of the main contributors why she is now regarded as the most controversial woman in the Philippines.

10. Leila De Lima is expected to be charged with numerous lawsuits: With the announcement of the president himself, De Lima is expectedly going to face multiple charges. This is brought about her involvement with allegations that could endanger her political career. If you are strongly being ridiculed by the head of state, you expect that something will happen that could really break your heart.

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