When you happen to beat your idol is an extraordinary achievement that you can give to yourself. This is the story of James Schooling during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This would be a shocking news for the supporters of your idol. But then, you will also gain a new bunch of supporters because of your unforgettable achievement. This is the case of  James Schooling who made a phenomenal win in Rio Olympics in Brazil.

James Schooling unexpectedly beat Michael Phelps, winning a gold medal for his country, Singapore. Michael Phelps came in second to win a silver medal in Rio Olympics game. This Singaporean swimmer was surprised that he got a new lifetime achievement that he will never forget for the rest of his life. James made a new mark in the history of Singapore under the field of sports. This is because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will marking his personality, career, and identity to others.
Michael Phelps with Young James Schooling on the left and a big grown James Schooling who just beat his idol together with Chad de Clos of South Africa and Laszlo Cseh of Hungary to the right. 
In just 50.93 seconds, James Schooling made a new record in men's 100m butterfly swimming competition. He successfully made not only a record for the Rio Olympics but also a record for himself. Michael Phelps from the United Stated came in second at 51.86 seconds.

Chad de Clos who is the best swimmer from South Africa and Laszlo Cseh who is also the best swimmer of Hungary won the bronze medal after both came as 3rd placers. There at least four participants during this competition that won a medal each for the 100-meter breaststroke competition in Rio De Janeiro. This is a rare situation where there should only be three people who will be given three medals as a standard. The Olympic Committee regards players who can win a medal when they both tied in a certain event in any top three places.

Schooling's win in Rio De Janeiro is a historic achievement not only for his swimming career but also for his country Singapore. James is the first from Southeast Asia who won a gold medal in 2016 Rio Olympics. Singapore is now cheering for their country' first ever gold medal in a swimming category. Singaporeans are now cheering for their country's recent achievement in Rio de Janeiro.

You can watch James Schooling's historic win for his country below

Past career achievements of Schooling reveals that he was already a competitive swimmer. He made numerous gold medal finish in various sports competitions.

These are Southeast Asian Games and Asian Games. Schooling also made  several medals from the Commonwealth Games and World Swimming Cup events.

in 2008, James was a 13-year-old boy when he met Michael Phelps. Schooling was full of hope as he started training in the field of swimming.

Michael Phelps became Schooling's inspiration as he started competing in swimming sports. Phelp's historic gold medal wins in swimming category fueled hopes for James to become more serious to his training.

Schooling started thinking that if Phelps can make it, I should make it too. James wants to create a sensational name for himself as well as for Singapore.

James Schooling was then qualified to compete in 2012 London Olympics in the United Kingdom. Schooling had the chance to compete with his idol Michael Phelps.

While walking through the pool to prepare for the competition, James Schooling looked down, feeling nervous and anxious. When Phelps noticed James' frowned face, he asked why. When James told him about it, Phelps said that he is still 17 years old. He will have more Olympics to compete and potentially win more medals for his country.

Phelp's inspirational advice gave another motivational factor for James to do more with his swimming career. Who knows, Schooling might be the next sensational swimmer that hails from Asia.

Congratulations, James Schooling. You made your country (Singapore) proud

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