Did you know that Imelda Marcos was responsible for successfully hosting Miss Universe 1974 in an extravagant fashion? This is true when the Philippines was granted to host its first ever international pageant in Manila in 1974. Imelda Marcos made another impressive hosting during that period when the Philippines hosted its historical international beauty pageant in Manila, Philippines. The participation of Imelda Marcos was responsible for creating a very positive image of the Philippines internationally.

The Philippines was lucky to be picked during that time as the host of Miss Universe 1974. The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) believes that the Philippines has all the ingredients to host the annual pageant because of several factors. The country was booming economically during the early terms of Ferdinand Marcos. The Philippines is financially capable of funding several facilities to cater numerous international events because its economy is one of the best in Asia during that time. Miss Universe did not hesitate to give the Philippines a chance to showcase its ability to host an international event.
5 Imeldific facts that were carried out during Miss Universe 1974
Miss Universe 1974 was a historic event for the Philippines because this is the first time that the country could host a very large international beauty pageant. Imelda Marcos led the hosting of this annual beauty pageant because it is one of her duties as a first lady to cooperate with her husband's leadership. In order to impress the organizers of Miss Universe Organization, Imelda Marcos made numerous orders to ensure that the historic first hosting of the Philippines is memorable.

Imelda Marcos was the first lady of the late President Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines for at least 21 years. She is considered the most powerful first lady that the Philippines experienced during her husband's reign. Imelda was also the longest ruling first lady of the Philippines along with the reign of his husband for 21 years. She became one of the most memorable first ladies in the Philippine history. Imelda is also one of the most extravagant hosts to grace the Miss Universe pageant in 1974.

Miss Universe 1974 was the most challenging task that challenged the leadership and influence of Imelda Marcos. The annual beauty pageant hosting tested her capability as a first lady to withstand both local and foreign pressure. She managed to maximize her power as the first lady to boost the tourism campaign for the Philippines after her husband officially signed an executive order for creating a new agency for the Philippines. President Ferdinand Marcos then created the Department of Tourism to bolster tourism in the Philippines as well as expanding macroeconomic business practices for the country.

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1. Constructed the Folk Arts Theatre in just 77 days: The Folk Arts Theatre was a product of a successful Imeldification by the First lady. Imelda Marcos ordered the Department of Public Works and Highways to create a new facility that will cater international affairs. The construction of Folk Arts Theatre took less than one year, which will be graced by the hosting of Miss Universe beauty pageant in 1974. After the pageant, the facility was hosted by several local and international entertainment shows and various fairs to the public.

2. Cloud seeding operations: First Lady Imelda Marcos ordered the Armed Forces of the Philippines to perform cloud seeding operations in an attempt to modify the weather pattern. Imelda Marcos is aware that the Philippines is a tropical country that receives occasional rains the whole year. The country is the tropical cyclone capital of the world with at least 20 or more cyclone visits each year. A tropical cyclone was on its way to the Philippines when Imelda ordered the AFP to modify the weather pattern, which was successful because it was sunny when Miss Universe 1974 was held in Manila.

3. Grand Miss Universe Motorcade: One of the most spectacular accomplishments that were made during the hosting of Miss Universe 1974 was that the candidates have their own float. Each contestant stood above their float, which allows the candidates to be seen from a broad daylight. The candidates passed through Roxas Boulevard, making the motorcade, one of the most spectacular imeldifications that the first lady initiated for the Miss Universe delegates. Each float has a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour, making a slow passage through the Roxas Boulevard to allow the candidates to wave the crowd.

4. Gave Miss Universe winner a statue of pearl: After being crowned in folks arts theatre, Miss Universe 1974 Amparo Munoz, she was given another token by Imelda Marcos. This is the Statue of Maria Clara, which is made of at least 3, 700 seashells. The Maria Clara Statue symbolizes womanhood. The statue was presented by former Tourism Secretary Aspiras to the public before handing over to Amparo Munoz Quesada of Spain. This is a rare chance for a country's first lady to give such award to a newly crowned beauty queen.

5. Requested Miss Universe Amparo Munoz to wear a native Benguet traditional attire: Amparo Munoz was seen wearing an ethnic attire after a few days after being crowned as Miss Universe 1974. Imelda hopes to intensify ethnic equality by diversifying ethnic groups as part of her social campaign to improve cultural diversity in the Philippines. One of her duties and responsibilities as a first lady is to improve cultural awareness and diversity, allowing ethnic minorities to be recognized by local and national audiences.

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