What would you do if you are currently injured and you have been taken yourself into the hospital Upon arriving in the emergency room, you anxiously waiting for any health care provider to immediately attend to your medical needs. However, you've been waiting for several hours and your blood is dripping but there was no one who would initiate attending to your medical needs. You will be shocked to find out that one of your companions saw two nurses that were just sitting in the corner of the Emergency Room and just ignoring you like you are just a stranger in the hospital.

An incident happened in Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic where the companion of the patient was shocked that the two nurses were just ignoring the patients in the emergency room. The photo was uploaded by Rafael Antonio Almanzar, which started to circulate to other social media websites. It shows that the patient was riding a motorcycle when it lost control of its driving maneuver and then got into an accident. As an immediate response, the rider was then taken to the hospital to seek medical assistance and intervention.
A patient  with companions waits for 2 hours on the left while the nurses on the right just sat and relax while wasting their time texting
The picture is shocking because it shows that the two nurses were just relaxing and texting while they are waiting for the shift to end. These nurses show no compassion towards the patient as they were just ignoring him and waiting for their shift to end. For the patient, this is the most tragic part of your situation where you are ignored by the most appropriate professionals who should have been rendering their care for you.

As based on the scenario, the nurses are completely unprofessional towards their patients. Their lack of empathy reflects their unacceptable behavior for just ignoring the patient who has been suffering from a recent injury. The patient is obviously suffering from an enigmatic pain due to the sustained injury to the foot and there are other parts of the body that could be probably suffering from the consequences of a motorcycle injury. The patient's body part in particular with the foot has been the most affected part because there were blood stains on the floor that obviously came from the foot of the patient.

As a nurse, it is your duty and responsibility to render all nursing services to any person needing medical intervention. As a health care professional, you have devoted yourself to the health care professionalism, which is to provide an immediate care towards the patient. As a staff nurse, you are obliged to perform nursing actions as soon as possible, especially when there are patients who will be needing your nursing assistance.

Before a nurse could be accepted as a staff in a medical institution, they should be required to complete a bachelor's degree in nursing practice. This is accompanied by a diploma by the institution or university where they graduated. In addition, a related working experience is necessary to improve their skills in the nursing profession so that they could start being legally employed.

It is not clear whether the two females in white uniforms are indeed the official staff of the hospital. They can be presumed as student nurses, in which they do seem to care for the patients who were at the health care institution.

If the two female in uniforms were indeed employed by the institution as working staff nurses, they could be placed under administrative suspension. The patient could show photographic evidence as well as a video that would prove that there was an improper ethical conduct applied by the staff.

The nurses, if confirmed, could face several legal and ethical charges from the incident alone. They are at risk for being filed for negligence for purposely ignoring the patients while on duty at the institution. Negligence is already enough to have their licenses revoked if proven guilty.

Hospital Jose Maria Cabral y Baez is a medical institution located in De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. The institution is considered a tertiary operating hospital. This means that the facility is estimated to have at least more than a 250-bed capacity hospital.

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