Cory Aquino might be the 3rd Filipino saint if the beatification process becomes successful in the future. She might follow the footsteps of Pedro Calungsod and Lorenzo Ruiz who were canonized in the Vatican City, making them as the first two official saints in Philippine history. If the beatification process is successful, there will be more saints in the Philippines that faith believers of the Roman Catholic religion can seek for a divine intervention.

Former President Corazon Aquino's beatification process will be under the initiative of Father Aris Sison. He is the Parish of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary's parish priest in Quezon City. Father Sison indicated that any person or group can initiate the beatification process that will push through with the canonization of a person responsible for creating a miracle. The canonization process should begin at the diocese of the person of interest who is petitioned to be beatified.
Former President Corazon Aquino at center with Pedro Calungson on the left and Lorenzo Ruiz on the right
The late President Corazon Aquino passed away on the 1st of August in 2009 in Makati Medical Center located in Makati City. She died due to the complications of colon cancer whom she battled it for at least 18 months. Her burial was joined by 300,000 supporters who marched for 8 hours as part of her possession.

In order for a person to be beautified, the deceased person should have died for a minimum of 6 years. Corazon Aquino died on August 1, 2009, this means that she is qualified to be petitioned for beatification and then will soon be canonized by the higher priests in Vatican City, which is the center of Roman Catholicism in the country. However, the process takes a very long process because the petition will still be screened by the Vatican. If the petitioned person qualifies, there will be another process that takes place for several years.

Beatification is the process of sainthood by the Roman Catholic religion. It seeks to initiate recognition under the supervision and approval by the higher priests of the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City. The person should have already been deceased, in which they should have the capacity to intercede or create miracles on behalf of their loved ones who offer prayers under their name after they passed away.

Cory Aquino's canonization proposal was brought about by her very strong faith in the Roman Catholic Church. Numerous priests agree that she always pray every time that she makes a decision. She again prays to the Lord after she had made a decision, in which she is hoping for a positive result for every action that she renders as part of her public service.

During the beatification process, Cory Aquino should make at least two documented miracles under her name. This is the most important requirement for a candidate to ensure that they are capable of providing a stronger spiritual guidance for those who will be glorifying their names through prayers.

However, the process of canonization is not that easy because there are several factors that should be considered for a person to become a saint.  The Vatican may still screen applicants to determine if they deserve to be regarded as the rightful candidate to become a saint in the future. Another thing is that the petitioners should wait for at least probably 10 years or more before a deceased person becomes canonized.

Cory Aquino's plan to be beatified created several strong reactions, especially by social media users. Some oppose the plan to initiate the beatification process for Cory Aquino due to their overwhelming political beliefs. But there are also some supporters who believe that this will be a significant milestone for the Aquino and Cojuangco clan because there will be members of their clan who will be a new saint.

For those who are against Cory's planned sainthood process, they can file a formal petition to the Roman Catholic Church.

Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco-Aquino was the 11th president of the Republic of the Philippines. She is regarded as the first female president in the Philippines, as well as the first in Asia. She was responsible for ending the 21-year-reign of dictatorship by Former president Ferdinand Marcos Jr. through snap elections in 1986.

There are two saints in the Philippines. Saint Lorenzo Ruiz was the first Filipino saint who was venerated in 1981 by the Roman Catholic Church. The second saint is Pedro Calungsod, who was venerated in 2011 in Vatican.

Former president Cory Aquino's presidency was succeeded by Fidel V. Ramos, who was the chief of staff in the Armed Forces of the Philippines in 1992.

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