Look: dozens of dressed chickens prepared by a restaurant is now gaining rounds online. This is by far, one of the worst food preparations that you can witness due to the way they are handling their food before serving it to the public. As a person, you don't allow yourself getting involved in this situation, especially if you happen to be the victim of food poisoning. For consumers, this scenario is regarded as their worst nightmare, especially when they discover that the food that they eat were prepared in an unsanitary environment.

The person who uploaded the photo did not reveal his identity when he posted the photos online. The photos originally circulated in Nairobi Kenya, in particular to Tom Mboya street. Authorities in Nairobi ordered a mass investigation to all establishments along that street and nearby communities to ensure that food preparations follow standard sanitation protocols. However, authorities failed to identify the exact location of the photos.
Dressed chickens are just scattered on the floor of a dirty toilet just beside the bowl is now sparking outrage among consumers
Through the narration of the person who uploaded the photos, the person narrated that he went to a wet market to buy some chickens. He went to a certain store where prices are a little bit lower than nearby stores and bought some pieces of dressed chickens. While waiting for the staff to prepare for his order, he felt a sudden urge from his bladder and asked the sales person to use their comfort room.

The salesperson guided him the directions towards the exact location of the comfort room. But before arriving in the toilet, he was surprised to see that all dressed chickens were just scattered on the floor of the dirty restroom. The chickens were just inches away from the toilet bowl. The urinary urgency was diverted due to shock from what he saw in the toilet. He quickly took photos of it and then returned to the sales person. The man returned his order and went to another retail outlet to buy other food products.

The photos of dressed chickens that were splattered on the floor of a dirty toilet are one of the unexpected reality how people neglect the safety of others. As a consumer, you always ensure that the food that you eat is prepared safely. Basing from the photos, there is a high risk that people who consume these chickens prepared in a dirty environment can encounter life-threatening diseases that might cause permanent injuries to their bodies upon eating contaminated foods.

Eating contaminated foods can risk your health to a variety of diseases. These are cholera, hepatitis, severe diarrhea, fungal infections, and other derivatives of viral or bacterial infections. Eating contaminated food can risk your digestive tract to acquire different types of worms that can further compete with nutrient absorption.

A restaurant or a retailer can be fined if they are caught preparing their food products in an unhealthy environment. Owners and workers can be apprehended due to mishandling food products and then selling it to their clients.

Aside from being fined between hundreds to tens of thousands of an amount, owners or workers responsible for unhealthy preparation of food can be imprisoned that takes place between months until years.

Business establishments who will be caught selling contaminated or preparing dirty food products will have their licenses revoked by the authorities. A violating business establishment will be banned from establishing another retail store to prevent repeat offenses in the future.

This is a clear reminder that as consumers, we should always investigate our safety, especially when buying food products before consuming them. It is important if the establishment is legit enough to operate their businesses. Checking business permits and sanitary permits will ensure that these establishments are operating legally.

Checking the facilities that are used to prepare food products should be initially observed before buying them. We should use our senses as a way to observe any warning signs to prevent our health from being at risk. Example is to find any signs of dirty environment or foul smelling materials.

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