A male olympian athlete is now storming the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics. He gained international attention from around the world due to his hot and gorgeous topless body that is now capturing the hearts of the audiences, media reporters, and internet users. As he was seen bearing the flag of Tonga, spectators were astounded by his chiseled body with attractive facial features while he walked along with his countrymen in Rio Olympics. With his oiled body, it made him like a shining gem during the opening ceremony, gaining more attention to the viewers who were astounded by his shimmering tanned body.

His name is Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, who will be representing Tonga to compete for 80-kilogram division for taekwondo. You will have to wait for more days because the schedule for his event will be on August 20. He still has more time to prepare in order to penetrate the elimination round until he can clinch any medal for his country. You need at least wait for two weeks to watch him do his job for hoping that his country could win a medal.
Olympian Pita Nikolas Taufatofua from Tonga, the hottest male olympian during the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016

Pita Nikolas was wearing a Ta 'Ovala, which is a traditional clothing attire in Polynesia, in particular to Tonga. During Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony, he wowed everyone when he wore the traditional wardrobe in topless form. She shamelessly wowed everyone with his chiseled body. But the main thing is his decision to apply oil all over his body made him look more appealing to all the viewers on the event as well as on various live stream around the world.

Tonga is hoping to win a medal by sending a few delegates to compete to various events. One of them is Pita, who already made a historic debut for being the first athlete from Tonga to compete in taekwondo. Pita is optimistic that he can further advance his historic appearance in Rio Olympics by being the first athlete from his country to win a medal. A gold medal would be a bonus for his country.

Pita Nikolas is an athlete from Tonga. He was born in Australia, but moved and grew up in Tonga. He currently resides in Hihifo, Ha Apai, Tonga. During his childhood years, he attended Tonga Side school. Pita Nikolas then further continued his schooling in Tonga High School. Pita has a mixed race from various ethnicities. Taufatofua returned to Australia to become a taekwondo practitioner and as a trainer for the younger generation.

Watch his short clip of Pita Nikolas Taufatofua

Taufatofua made the right decision to oil his whole body. Even though it is only a short-period of fame, he took the advantage to make him being noticed by millions of spectators around the world.

Pita is an example of a person who is very disciplined with his health and very conscious about his diet. As an olympian, he is always required to eat the right amount of calories, proteins, and carbohydrates to keep his body always in shape.

Pita started taekwondo at the age of five. His passion for this particualr contact sports remained as a part of his career unti he became a successful olympian competing for the event for his country.

If he can win any medal from the olympics, he can generate more fans and supporters to visit the place where he practices and teaches taekwondo either in Tonga or in Australia.

But as of now, he already generated enough attention to the world due to his very attractice body as he walked along with other athletes from his country.

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