The Philippines became erratic as they are not certain if they are going to bag a medal this edition of Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The country struggled for numerous editions of Olympics for returning home without any medal for the country. The Philippines is wondering if will this edition of Olympics be another normal for the country to expect that returning delegates will come home with no medals. This was after the Philippines suffered numerous editions that the country has a long period of Olympic medal droughts since 1996.

But on August 8, 2016, a Filipina thankfully ended the medal drought for the Philippines after winning a silver in Rio Olympics in Brazil. She scored a total of 200 kilograms in the weight lifting competition, placing her in the second place. This is the first medal that the Philippines has just bagged after 20 years since Onyok Velasco last won in Atlanta 1996 Olympics, which is two decades ago.
25-year-old Hidilyn Diaz competes for 53kg weightlifting competition in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for the Summer Olympics 2016
She is Hidilyn Diaz, who hails from Zamboanga City, a highly urbanized metropolis in the northern part of Mindanao Island. She was the favorite from other candidates to win. Hidilyn is the first Filipina from Mindanao to win a silver medal from an Olympic sport in Rio De Janiero. She also made history as a Philippine athlete from a non-boxing sport to win a medal for the Philippines during the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio.

The gold medalist was from Chinese Taipei or also known as Taiwan, who successfully earned 212 kilograms, which is 12 kilos higher than what Hidilyn earned during the final heat of weight lifting competition. Another competitor from South Korea almost snatch Hidilyn's silver medal position by running short at 199 kilograms, which is just 1 kilogram lighter than what Hidilyn achieved during this competition in Brazil.

Hidilyn did not expect her performance to go beyond her expectations. She is only hoping to reach at least a bronze medal. But she was overwhelmed when she bagged the silver medal award when she finished second in Rio Olympics weight lifting under the female category. Diaz believes that it is God's gift to her as well as a priced award for her country, the Philippines.

Watch her performance during her weight lifting competition in Rio de Janeiro below

Diaz is the third Pinoy to bag a medal for the country. The Philippines is still hoping for another medal that can be possibly clinched by other Pinoy athletes in the competition that will take place with the remaining days of Rio Olympics.

Hidilyn is very overwhelmed about her latest achievement for bagging the silver medal. Although she failed to clinch the gold medal from the match, she is still happy because she is now able to bring home a medal for the Philippines and breaking the 20-year drought since 1996 Olympics.

The Philippine government made a statement to Hidilyn's win, citing that they are very proud of her achievement. Hidilyn, along with other athletes is expected to make a courtesy call, following their athletic performances when they will return home from to the Philippines from Brazil.

Diaz made a treat for herself following her silver medal win by requesting to eat a pizza. She is aware that pizza contains high in fat, salt, and unhealthy ingredients that might affect her health. But she doesn't mind because it is one of a lifetime treat that she can do to herself as a prize for making her country proud.

Hidilyn hopes to build a fitness gym using the prize money to inspire other younger generations to become future athletes. She hopes that she can bring back her achievements for the young athletes to increase the number of Philippine delegates to compete for various international competitions in the future.

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