Did you know? KC Conception has a half-sister that will join a national beauty pageant. KC's half sister is hoping to break a leg in the beauty industry, showcasing the natural beauty of a Filipina woman in another country. This young woman from the Conception family is making a name for herself in the world of beauty pageant industry. Cloie also hopes to represent a country that is very diverse in culture by allowing representatives with foreign blood to other parts of the world.

Cloie Syquia Skarne is one of the official candidates vying for Miss Universe Sweden 2016. Skarne successfully made it to the finals for the national pageant in Sweden. The national pageant of Sweden will be held on August 28, 2016. The venue of the pageant is Svergefinal Cafe Opera in Stockholm, Sweden. Cloie hopes to win the national pageant so that she can return to the Philippines and be with her half-sisters while representing her home country, Sweden. Cloie's family and relatives will be attending the event to watch their family member mark another achievement in beauty pageantry.
Cloie Syquia Conception is the sister of KC and Grabrielle, the daughters of Gabby Conception
Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Conception is the half-sister of Cloie Skarne to her father Gabby Conception. Cloie is the daughter of Jennifer Syquia, which was the former wife of Gabby Conception. Jennifer Syquia is a retired Filipina actress who rose to fame in 1990's, appearing in several television shows and commercials.

With just a week to crown a new queen for Miss Universe Sweden, Cloie is now excited but at the same time, nervous about the upcoming national pageant. She is now preparing to condition her physical wellness to maintain her shape and further improve her physique for the upcoming pageant in Stockholm. Cloie along with other contestants for Miss Universe Sweden regularly goes to fitness centers and should control their diet to prevent their body from getting out of shape.

The winner of Miss Universe Sweden 2016 will automatically gain a license to represent Sweden in the upcoming Miss Universe 2016. The venue of Miss Universe Swede 2016 will be held in the Philippines this January 30, 2017. If she will win and represent Sweden, Cloie can travel back to the Philippines and stay for at least three weeks or more by not just representing her country, but also be with her families and relatives in the country for a longer period.

Skarne joined Miss Universe Sweden because she wants to return the favor to the world about the blessing that she has been receiving. As an ambassadress, she hopes that she can be a role model by breaking the barriers of culture.

Cloie reportedly travelled in the Philippines. She was spotted by several gym goers in a certain fitness center with her sister KC Conception. She reiterates that being health conscious is a way to care for your body so that health risks will not affect your lifespan in the future. Going to the gym is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Philippines will host Miss Universe 2016 for the third time since 1994. This will be the time for the country to maximize event to showcase the country's tourism industry. There will be at least more than 90 delegates who will be traveling to the country and hope to be the next successor of Pia Wurtzbach.

Cloie came from a family of actors and actresses. Her father is Gabby Conception, which is a famous veteran actor, starring several films, soap operas, and television shows.

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