Miss Earth United States 2016 was crowned last August 1, 2016. She is set to compete to Miss Earth  2016 beauty pageant that will be held in the Philippines later this year. She is Miss Corrin Stellakis, which hopes to clinch the first-ever Miss Earth crown for her country, the United States of America. She will have to prepare at least three to four months in order to further shape her skills before going to the Philippines for Miss Earth 2016.

Miss Earth United States 2016 eas held in Washington, DC, United States. The pageant was televised at Next TV network in the United States, which is a lifestyle network. The event was organized by Miss Earth United States 2016 national director Catherine Constantinides. Catherine is responsible for screening and then organizing Miss Earth United States, which is a separate national pageant that will send delegates for Miss Earth 2016 in the Philippines.
Miss Earth United States 2015 Corrin Stellakis
The pageant was attended by the incumbent Miss Earth winner, Angelia Ong from the Philippines who won Miss Earth 2016 in Vienna, Austria. Miss Earth England 2016 Louissa Burton also attended the event as one of the special guest to grace the new winners of Miss Earth USA 2016. The pageant was the 12th edition of Miss Earth United States and it is the first edition for Miss US Earth Productions.

Corrin Stellakis is not new to the pageant world as other consider her as a veteran for joining previous pageants. At first attempt, she joined Miss Jr. Oz in 2012 and won the pageant that gave her confidence to further advance her competitiveness in pageantry. This was when she realized that she has the potential to continue her experience and journey to excel in the world of pageantry. Corrin represented New York for Miss Teen 2014 national beauty pageant. Unfortunately, she went unplaced during that competition.

Previous failures never halted Corrin's motivation to try another luck in the world of pageantry. She joined Miss World America in 2015. She represented the State of New York during that event. Corrin made it to top 12 semi-finalist of the pageant. But unfortunately, she lost to Miss Missouri's Victoria Mendoza to Win Miss World America 2015.

On the following year, Corrin once again joined Miss Earth New York 2016 and then eventually won to represent the state for Miss Earth United States 2016. Miss Stellakis travelled to Washington D.C. to compete for the national pageant and won. She is now the first ever winner of Miss Earth United States 2016 under the new management of Miss Earth United States productions who is responsible for managing delegates to compete for Miss Earth 2016.

Pageant fans and critics made a promising optimism about the chances of Corrin Stellakis for Miss Earth 2016. This time, the United States sent a very competitive delegate to vye for Miss Earth 2016 that will be held somewhere in the Philippines. There is a big possibility that she can be the first woman from the United States to win Miss Earth and to be the successor of Angelia Ong from the Philippines.

Corrin's read head beauty is a unique feature that a candidate possess to a beauty pageant competition. She easily made numerous positive comments from pageant analysts from around the world. This will be one of her main tool to increase her chances of winning the competition this year.

Her experience is also another factor to consider as a delegate who is willing to further improve her skills in the field of beauty pageantry. She has a strong stage presence, which is a major consideration for a certain pageant that can easily caught the attention of both the judges and spectators of the pageant.

Last year, Brittany Payne was Miss Earth Water 2015. She was the predecessor of Miss Earth United States 2016 Corrin Stellakis. Miss Earth Water is comparable to a 2nd runner-up in a certain beauty pageant. Corrin hopes that she can place higher than her predecessor.

Miss Earth United States Air is Mae-ann Webb from South Carolina. Miss Earth United States Water 2016 is Devin Boyd from Louisiana. Miss Earth United States Fire 2016 is Kesha Clark representing Southwest United States community.

Top 10 Finalists

  • Florida: Mikhaila Leinbach
  • Maryland: Yashvi Aware
  • Mississippi: Brandy Jarvis
  • Missouri: Katelunne Cox
  • Texas: Vanessa Pacheco
Top 15 Semi-finalists
  • California: Trisha Bantique
  • Colorado: Jenna Frazier
  • Iowa: McKenna Thatcher
  • Kentucky: Katie Himes
  • Northeast: Kyanna Lewis
Top 20 Quarterfinalists
  • Connecticut: Sabrina Cammarata
  • District of Columbia: Shawna Melvin
  • Illinois: Jenna Mills
  • Indiana: Alexandra Syndram
  • New Jersey: Lisa Green 

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