Reportedly missing Police Officer 2 Ryan Casiba has been found lifeless. His body was found in a firing range by a passer-by in a firing range in Lapu-Lapu City in the night of August 12, 2016. The officer had gone missing on August 10, 2016, since he went out from his duty at approximately 2:30 in the morning from the precinct. He did not manage to return from his duty since he left from the precinct during that early morning.

PO2 Ryan Casiban was 37. After he left the precinct, some of his comrades noted some of his remarks on the police blotter, which is the official log book of all police officers regarding all criminal incidents under the jurisdiction of their precinct. Police officers on duty found out that Casiban tagged several police officials who were involved with several illegal activities that were written in the police blotter report after he left the precinct on the early morning of Wednesday.
PO2 Ryan Casiba on the left was found lifeless on a grassy field on the right
As based on his statement, General Loot and General Garbo, which were earlier tagged in several illegal syndicate operations are really involved with the involvement of illegal manufacturing, distribution, and trading of illegal substances. This was due to a very large amount of finances as an extra compensation from these illegal activities. Their men protect the money to allow syndicates continue their operations in their respective regions.

Casiban made another written statement through the police blotter report, saying that he wants to stop all the use, selling, and distribution of illegal substances due to his strong faith in God. This clearly indicates that PO2 Casiban wants to coordinate with other higher officials of the Philippine National Police to reveal illegal operations of corrupt officials. Through his initiative, he can at least contribute with the goal of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte with his fight against criminality during his term as the head of Philippine state. Casiban closed the letter with his signature.

Initiative to fight against criminality as well as tagging corrupt police officials irked some spies in his post, prompting other officials to neutralize him. PO2 Casiban sent a formal message to Senior Inspector Zosimo Jabas Jr., a former Cordova Chief of Police that he was being targetted by a person only identified as Atan Tajanlangit. Moreover, Ryan wants to surrender to either PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa or President Rodrigo Duterte.

Police authorities are now investigating the incident that may have lead to Casiba's demise in a firing range. There were reliable sources that Casiba was considered a significant threat to other corrupt officials who were involved with the possession, distribution, and manufacturing of illegal substances.

Corrupt police officials and syndicates want to neutralize Casiba before he will reveal their identities to the authorities. These involved several police officials, as well as syndicates, want to ensure that they will not be publicly shamed by neutralizing Casiba.

The desk officer where Casiba works claims that he was not involved with any suspicious of illegal activities. Other officers who used to be his workmates say that he was a calm and not a talkative person. He always takes his job seriously and manages to ensure that he accomplishes his tasks in every opportunity.

Earlier, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced several officials who were tagged with several illegal activities. These are soldiers, police officials, and public authorities who were stained with the involvement of syndicates responsible for distributing, trade, and manufacturing of illegal substances across the country and abroad.

General Loot and General Garbo was included in the list of officials who were involved in protecting syndicates and several crime groups.

Rest n peace to PO2 Casiba and condolence to the familys and relatives.

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